Sony would prepare a new series of gaming headsets for the PS5 and PC

Lealer Onleaks reveals the upcoming launch of a new line of Sony gaming headphones called the Inzone H. This would include the entry-level Inzone H3, then the H7 and H9, and all three would integrate spatial audio.

Sony is preparing a new series of gaming headsets. // Source: Onleaks and 91Mobiles

Sony is not preparing a new gaming headset for its PS5. The Japanese firm would have three in the boxes to replace the Sony Pulse 3D released in 2020. The three friends would even launch a new range called Sony Inzone. All three headsets would benefit from spatial audio.

From the most advanced to the cheapest we would have the Sony Inzone H9, the Sony Inzone H7 and the Sony Inzone H3. Their design as well as their existence are revealed to us by the leaker a leak and the site 91 cell phonesto whom he offered exclusive information.

Sony Inzone H9

Let’s start with the best equipped of the three, the Inzone H9. This wireless headset would therefore have a white microphone attached directly to its left earbud. The right headset would bring four buttons together: one to display the chat or game volume as needed, another to pair the headset into Bluetooth, and a final one to turn it on or off. On the left we would find the USB-C input and the volume control;

The Sony Inzone H9 would also include a noise reduction feature. It would be the only one of the three to offer it. The headset also displays a blue LED at the base of its headband. A USB-C to USB-A dongle would be provided to connect it to a PC.

Sony Inzone H7 and H3

With the Sony Inzone H7 things are quite simple. Take the H9, remove the blue LED and noise cancellation and you should have it.

The Sony Inzone H3 would simply be a wired version of the other two headsets, with a slightly different design at the headband support level. The microphone would also switch to a black colorway.

The buttons also change. There is a button on the left earbud to switch from noise canceling to transparency mode. A USB adapter would be included.

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