Sex education in schools: Republicans from Texas

Although the formulas may vary, several countries, states or provinces deem it appropriate that schools deal with the sex education of our young people.

The Texas Republican Party said goodbye last Saturday a platform with the result that sex education would be reduced to a few important conservative principles.

One might think that this platform responds to a desire to reduce the role of the state in teaching subjects for which parents should be responsible. While promoting injustice or inequality, this approach would at least have the benefit of being consistent. In practice, it is more tortuous and even hypocritical.

To forbid

The new platform would ban the teaching and discussion of sexual topics. When we target almost every angle to be addressed, we particularly insist on homosexuality and gender issues.

On this last point, one could not be clearer:Education includes reading, writing, math, science, history and visual arts. Maybe some foreign language and sport. … Schools are not our children’s social workers“. The school does not do social pedagogy? This is already controversial, but there is more.

For a platform that aims to abolish sex education, it draws on a fair amount of judgment and vocabulary that leaves no doubt as to its ideological alignment. Homosexuality is presented there as an abnormal life decision. Do you doubt”? We suggest conversion therapy.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Republican, has something to cheer about with these new guidelines, as he has commissioned officials from his administration to investigate the parents of trans children who authorize and encourage mentoring of their offspring in gender affirmation.

No sex education? For real?

I may not agree with the platform, but I would be less responsive if we really took all sex education out and made it a parent’s responsibility. Where the petticoat excels, teachers still have plenty of messages to send.

As a teacher in Texas, I would have to mention the sacred rights of the fetus, present a documentary about the “miracle of life,” and defend the idea that life begins at fertilization.

By the way, I would be asked to submit erroneous data while the shame hangs over women who choose to have an abortion.

Sometimes you hear about the “culture war” in the United States. Education is one of the most important battlefields. The phenomenon is gaining momentum, especially as Republicans do not fail to agitate the keen scarecrow that is very present in some states in the north and west.

This war, fascinating as it is to watch, is contributing to polarization and rapprochement seems unlikely in the short term. Worse still, in my humble opinion, the fanatics of the various factions are moving away from the concerns of the silent, to be silent, majority.

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