Play a Daggerfall Remaster for free

Originally released in 1996, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall returns with modern controls and new, improved graphics.

(Image credit: Daggerfall Unity GOG Cut)

Daggerfall is an important game for a number of reasons. For example, its prominent position in a franchise that would go on to include such popular titles as Oblivion and Skyrim, or the fact that the game was named Game of the Year when it was released in 1996. This 3D adventure game released there 26 years ago can still be difficult to play in 2022 for a gamer used to modern games.

It’s not really his fault, the game, like many other classics, has unfortunately fallen victim to its age. It is understood that the first 3D games of the 90s can give modern gamers a headache, since the difficulties of movement become very noticeable, especially during battles. You will therefore be pleased to know that a team of modders has worked to overcome these problems, both visually and in terms of controls, so that you can enjoy this role-playing game in all its glory.

A more modern way to enjoy Daggerfall

Good Old Games now gives you the opportunity to play Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut. A new release, not from Bethesda, but from passionate modders who have combined their work to make this release possible.

The new high-resolution visual has been completely redesigned in Unity, including the mod’s name, including new lighting effects, support for mods, much better visibility, and most importantly, improved first-person controls. The game can be downloaded for free here.

Play a reimagined version of the classic RPG from The Elder Scrolls series. Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut brings this amazing experience to modern gamers. This was made possible by a whole team of passionate developers working under the Daggerfall Unity banner.

All you have to do is download the game and just launch it. Daggerfall Unity GOG Cut does not require any special actions or updates on your part. Settings and mods curated by GamerZakh let you explore the rich world of Daggerfall with enhanced graphics and gameplay.

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