Ottawa announces $4.9 billion to upgrade NORAD devices

It’s our most significant upgrade in nearly four decadesthe minister argued during a press conference with Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Chief of Staff Wayne Eyre at Trenton, Ontario Air Force Base.

The sum announced Monday comes on top of the additional $8.5 billion earmarked for defense in the Trudeau administration’s last budget and is part of a larger $40 billion investment plan over the next 20 years.

The built-in capabilities of our potential adversaries, combined with the impacts of climate change, mean Canada cannot rely solely on its geography to protect us.said Minister Anand.

It is more important than ever to ensure CAF members have the tools they need to ensure our security and our sovereignty. »

A quote from Anita Anand, Secretary of Defense of Canada

In particular, the minister confirmed that the northern warning system will eventually be replaced by a series of new radar systems that will enable Canada be notified earlier and more accurately if rockets should be fired in the direction of the country.

She also announced seven projects aimed at using cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, to enable army commanders and politicians to do the same Make important decisions faster in case of an attack.

Canada will also acquire new air-to-air missiles that will be compatible with the 88 F-35 fighter jets made by American manufacturer Lockheed Martin, which will replace the aging F-18s used by Canadian military aviation in the coming years.

We will also work to develop options for a Canadian ground-based air defense capabilityadded the minister, skimping on details.

Ms. Anand also announced investments in new infrastructure that should provide the Canadian Forces with the resources necessary to conduct operations in northern Canada. Four new air-to-air refueling aircraft are to be purchased.

Infrastructure upgrades are more urgent than ever as climate change and warming temperatures have a major impact on our current infrastructure. »

A quote from Anita Anand, Secretary of Defense of Canada

The Secretary also announced the creation of a new science and technology program for the defense of North America within Defense Research and Development Canada, the national defense research agency.

According to Ms. Anand, all of these investments will suffice extraordinary occasions for defense companies. Ottawa will also ensure that businesses owned by First Nations members can benefit, she argued.

Military experts have long argued that NORAD’s surveillance systems are outdated, unable to detect cruise missiles or even hypersonic missiles such as Russia has.

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