Masturbation, the miracle cure for insomnia

The older we get, the less we masturbate. At least that’s what several studies show, but there’s a good reason why you should continue to masturbate, especially in the evenings: Masturbation helps you fall asleep ! According to a recent study, masturbation directly affects sleep: 47% of respondents said they fell asleep more easily after masturbating, and 54% said they felt better afterwards.

How Does Masturbation Affect Our Sleep?

Stress, anxiety… Various causes can arise sleep disorders. A natural solution to making it easier to fall asleep is still masturbation – or sexual relations – especially when it comes to orgasm. Masturbation is recommended to help you fall asleep, as it often makes it easier for women to have an orgasm.

Reason #1: Masturbation reduces stress

Through masturbation and arousal, our body becomes releases endorphins, or happiness hormones that contribute to relaxation. Having an orgasm makes it easier to fall asleep because endorphins act like natural pain relievers and help release adrenaline, the stress hormone, which helps you fall asleep faster.

Reason 2: Masturbation as a workout

One of the reasons that make it difficult to fall asleep can be the fact that you haven’t used up enough energy during the day. That masturbation can then act as physical exercise like jogging! During orgasm, contractions take place at the level of the pelvic floor, but not only: the muscles contract throughout the body. As after a sporting session, there is deep relaxation afterwards, which also increases our physical well-being and makes it easier to fall asleep.

Reason #3: Prolactin, guardian of our nights

If you are tired after doing a orgasmit’s essentially the fault of a hormone: prolactin. This is particularly responsible for the growth of the mammary glands and milk production after birth. On the other hand, our body also releases prolactin at the time of orgasm, regardless of our gender. Its rate increases at night and falls again in the morning: when our body releases a high level of prolactin, it goes into sleep mode.

Reason #4: Masturbation helps calm your fears

According to a 2006 Dutch study, women are disconnected from their fears and emotions at the moment of orgasm. As part of this study, images of women’s brains had shown that the brain area, located in the temporal lobe and responsible for fear and worry, “shut down” at the time of orgasm and also returned blood to our genitals.

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