Mario Dumont spends the night in line for a passport: ‘They treat the public like cattle’

Host Mario Dumont himself witnessed the chaos of queuing outside Service Canada offices on Monday night to obtain a passport.

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When he arrived at the Guy Favreau complex in Montreal around 6pm Monday night to help his daughter recover her passport, he was able to see for himself what he describes as “a mess”.

“The idea of ​​a cattle shed, the security guards only have the mandate. Security officials don’t know anything, they don’t know anything about passports. They really treat the public like cattle who are a nuisance,” he explains in a phone interview with LCN.

He says the chaos continues even when you enter the government building.

“What is appalling, people who have been waiting for hours, once inside there is total chaos. [Les gardiens de sécurité] are unable to tell people where to stand to enforce order,” says Mario Dumont.

The columnist and presenter also regrets the lack of information for people in line, who have to rely on rumors to answer their questions.

“Here are cattle. There is no boss, no information. All the information people share is rumor. […] Passport Canada, Servie Canada people have put up no signs, no writing, there is no officer speaking to people. Never, never, never,” he criticizes.

He’s also shocked that all those people who spend a night, two, even three nights sleeping outside Service Canada’s offices aren’t even sure of getting their travel documents.

“What shocks me at this point is that I’m nowhere near sure there will be a result. We were in line at a point when she should be sure to have her passport, but as everyone in line says, it’s chaos, we’re not sure about anything anymore, so maybe we did it all for nothing, “says the host.

Mario Dumont used his speech at the LCN to invite the federal ministers to find out more about the situation on site.

“If there is a minister in the Trudeau government who has any dignity and courage, he will go. Mélanie Joly, François-Philippe Champagne, go to Guy-Favreau, go to Saint-Laurent, go to Laval. Go see this today,” he said.

The host believes that a visit by the ministers would allow the Trudeau government to take stock of the situation and get things moving.

“Please look at the rubble your government has created. I’m sure there will be changes in 24 hours,” he believes.

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