Make way for the readers | Instead of promising tax credit cuts

Stéphanie Grammond’s editorial on the management of the CAQ’s public finances, published on Saturday, did not miss the reactions of our readers. Here you will find an overview of the e-mails received.

Posted at 1:00 p.m

shovel forward

Giving money to the population has the effect of perpetuating and exacerbating inflation. It encourages people to live with inflation and gives the impression that by shoveling forward it will eventually go away. This mismanagement by the CAQ ultimately only serves to bribe the voters. It would be desirable to choose recurring measures instead of bandaging the wound.

André Brunelle

buy votes

Money is the sinews of war. Buying votes pays off politically. We allow ourselves to be bought and, on top of that, we have the nerve to complain about poor public services. It is sad ! All parties in power are working primarily towards their re-election.

Francois St Onge

We need to lower everyone’s taxes.

Disagree with the columnist, who I respect by the way. Everyone’s taxes need to be cut, including retirees, and there’s a rush except for those making more than $300,000 a year. People are being suffocated everywhere, and the same workers are always paying.

Michael Tourangeau

is that now

The need of many people is now. When hunger strikes, it’s not the tax cut at the end of the year that matters. There is no need for a commission of inquiry, it is not a program planned in a year, it is not a program whose complexity puts the most vulnerable at a disadvantage… it is now, and make it accessible! My vote goes out to anyone who understands, it’s sadly so obvious…

Andre Poulin

To those most in need

Checks should only be sent to those most in need.

Claudette Monette

Aimed at the less fortunate

Right now, it’s the “perfect storm,” as some say: inflation, labor shortages, rising interest rates, supply chain collapse, war… plus possible starvation in some countries due to the Russian grain blockade. What the government or opposition advocates in terms of tax cuts should be directed more towards the poorest, so that they can feed themselves more easily, find housing and provide their children with as much prosperity as possible. A reserve for the coming difficult days is also necessary. A tax cut is always fun… but for a government that claims to be responsible, there are more important things now!

Sylvain Lessard


I think the same way you do. Injecting billions into the economy only exacerbates inflation from overconsumption. However, it must be noted that Justin Trudeau is significantly worse in this area. It has been stimulating the economy for two years and is not over yet. We still talk about job creation when there is a labor shortage. It is the supply side issues that need to be addressed, not the demand side. Do like me: send your $500 to the Red Cross for Ukraine. It will not cause inflation.

Pierre Larocque, Quebec

The common good

The parties are so irresponsible when they promise tax cuts or worse checks. When we pay taxes, it is for the common good. As you so nicely put it, dilapidated infrastructure, childcare places and destroyed schools, to name just a few, deserve the necessary resources. If we fight tax evasion, corruption and waste, we have already taken a big step.

Helen Bergeron

Fix what needs fixing

I am against tax cuts. It looks good in an election speech, but these cuts are insignificant and deprive the state of revenue that you say can be used to fix what needs fixing and provide better services to the population.

Michael Desrosiers


You are absolutely right, Mr. Mü grammon. Tax cuts are measures that create inflation when the Bank of Canada raises interest rates to curb it. When votes, votes, and votes are the only obsession of political parties without thinking about the long-term consequences, such contradictions arise.


existing injustices

Let’s start by addressing the existing inequalities in current tax returns: in tax breaks, family income disadvantages some taxpayers and benefits others; taxable benefit of premiums paid by employer in private drug insurance; Equality of the dividend tax credit with the federal income tax return.

Daniel Thier

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