How can you increase traffic to your website?

Think of your website as a dream destination: your goal is to welcome tourists from all over the world (or from Quebec, America, etc.). How do you attract visitors?

As for netizens, vacationers need to know that such a destination exists! You also need to be convinced that the detour is worth it – meaning your website is worth visiting. Where do you start landing clicks on your website?

How to increase traffic to your website

There are several ways to access your website. You can facilitate traffic in several ways, for example: occupy an interesting positioning in search engines, have a good presence on social media or take advantage of Attraction Marketing (inbound marketing).

Not only the amount of traffic, but also its diversification is a problem: your prospects probably do not all end up on the same platforms or at the same events!

Namely: Even if you attract a flood of internet users, your site design offers poor offers User Experience (UX) or that the visitors are not qualified, your lead generation will not go far.

20 tactics to increase traffic to your website

On the way to search engine optimization (SEO)

  1. Conduct an SEO audit of your website to make sure you please Google, which is responsible for showing you on search results pages. Then implement the recommendations, for example:
    • Check the Tags for your websitesmeta titledescription, h1, h2, h3…
    • Improve your website loading speed.
    • Make your site responsivethat is, it adapts to the screen on which it is consulted (tablet, mobile, etc.)
  2. Improve your internal networking. In other words, use links to create links between your different pageswell-placed anchors. Results? You make it easier for internet users to navigate and make it easier for Google’s algorithms to understand your site – which would then make it easier for them to recommend it.
  3. Create Pillar Pages. This is a great way to add weight to your site (and your expertise!) by using content clusters that group different pages around a theme.
  4. Use the right keywords. This advice also applies to your advertising campaigns! By carefully selecting the terms and phrases entered in the search bar on which you want to position yourself, your chances of appearing before the eyes of qualified prospects at the right time will increase.
  5. give love to you Google My Business account. This maximizes your visibility as the search engine favors organizations whose profile is complete to answer their users’ queries.

An instant start with advertising

  1. Set up advertising campaigns related to your traffic goals. By combining paid referencing and organic referencingyou give the latter the chance to pick up speed and “impact” during generation. leads parallel thanks to the announcements.
  2. Publish ads on social media. Whether it’s through ads targeting a niche audience on Facebook or LinkedIn, or even creating good use of web banners For your remarketing campaigns, these platforms offer the opportunity to diversify the traffic on your website.

First stop: an omnichannel and strategic web design

  1. Join the forces of digital marketing and print marketing. For example, place QR codes on your paper ads or product brochure that lead to a relevant web page.
  2. Think share buttons. At the end of your newsletter or an article on your blog, make life easier for your readers by making it easier to share your content on social media or via email.
  3. Embed your website URL in your team signatures. A small gesture that can have a big impact depending on the goal!

Recommended route: content marketing

  1. Answer user questions. To attract visitors you don’t already know, create content that answers questions potential customers have. For example: educational articles, 101 guides, eBooks or white paper. After all, SEO and content marketing are allies!
  2. Provide engaging content. Give it a format that encourages engagement: tutorial videos on YouTube, infographics that turn your case studies into easily transferable data, podcasts or capsules on a specific aspect of your expertise, etc.
  3. recycle and Give your content a second life. For example, by updating your blog posts, you stay relevant in the eyes of your readers while pleasing Google – which positively sees updates to your website.
  4. Publish articles on LinkedIn’s new platform. By using a different distribution space than a blog or a newsletter, you multiply the links to your website.

    People reading your article can check out your LinkedIn profile (which should lead to your website!) or visit it thanks to hyperlinks leading to other articles on your blog. Be careful not to rely entirely on this platform!

Mandatory stop on the island of digital marketing

  1. Take care of your presence on social networks. Three key factors to your success: having a complete profile, being consistent, and posting at the right time! Don’t hesitate to combine promotional campaigns with your organic efforts (brand ambassador program, writing on other blogs to reach their networks, etc.)
  2. Build an online community. It’s one of most important marketing trends in recent years! This tactic allows you to create and maintain quality connections with your prospects, current customers or business partners and position your company as a major player in the industry.
  3. Give virtual training. For example: a free webinar on the basics of a good sourcing strategy. This kind of closed content is a good way to generate leads while growing your email list!
  4. Doing Business with influencers. Influencer marketing works, even in B2B! By partnering with an industry leader, you’ll leverage their exposure and followers to attract more people to your platform.

Overview – different tactics

  1. Benefit from email marketing. For example: Sending out a newsletter is great for retaining your existing customers or maintaining a lasting relationship with your prospects.
  2. take care of her awareness of your brand. Before the search results page or a sponsored post in their newsfeed, your audiences are more likely to click your website or ad if they’re familiar with your organization! This can be crucial in the split seconds before the click.

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Attract internet users to your website, a unique journey!

There is no magic recipe or blueprint: you must put together a plan customized to your goals and your needs using one or more of these tactics.

Do you want to optimize your website’s pages for SEO, launch a social media advertising campaign, or create a series of webinars to showcase your expertise? Our team is ready to drive your strategy: let us know.

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