For 140 euros, this real PC is hidden in the keyboard!

Here is an economical, ecological and original concept, since this Windows PC fits in the case of a keyboard. This is Pentaform’s AbacusBasic. Not resource-intensive, costs around 140 euros.

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A few months ago, the Raspberry Foundation pi revealed his Raspberry Pi 400a keyboard compact with integrated ARM computer. A simple cable to connect to a screen and you’re done. An idea picked up by pentaform launching its AbacusBasic, a keyboard-integrated computer. As it comes windows 10Unlike the Raspberry Pi 400, it’s ready to use from the moment you buy it, with two options for connecting to a display: VGA or HDMI.

Assuming you don’t have any great demands on the performance… The device has had a few years of flight, we find one processor Intel Atom Quad core, up to 8GB of random access memory and the storage part is provided by an eMMC module (from 16 to 128 GB) and a MicroSD card (up to 512 MB). The graphic part is proposed with a chip intel who promises 4Kwith which you can already watch YouTube videos or Netflix No problem. It gets much more complicated to play, but it’s more than enough for that office automation.

An environmentally conscious concept

For connectivity, in addition to the VGA and HDMI ports, there’s an Ethernet port, two ports USB 2, a USB 3 port, a USB-C port and a headphone jack. All with even a built-in speaker and a touchpad is located to the left of the keyboard. The price is very attractive, as the set only costs 120 pounds or just under 140 euros.

But the manufacturer’s priority is to be environmentally conscious. This allows the internal parts to be reused or recycled, while the outer casing (injection molded from a polymer) is biodegradable. Electricity consumption is reduced to a minimum: 31 kWh per year. Or a few euros a year.

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