Finally, the Nothing Phone (1) will be auctioned before its official launch


Nothing skillfully plays the teaser card for its first smartphone, the Phone (1), which is scheduled to be announced on July 12th. The latter is finally auctioned off before being launched on a specialized website.

Nothing ear (1)

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This is how the pricing table works

The Nothing brand strives to be nothing like the others and uses all sorts of marketing tricks to get people talking about their products. Ever since announcing the arrival of the Nothing Phone (1), OnePlus co-founder and Nothing founder, Carl Pei, has been delivering information on the latter in dribbles and murmurs… while taunting the rest of the industry for its lack of originality.

While the Nothing Phone (1) was scheduled to launch on July 12 from 5 p.m., the company decided to auction 100 copies on StockX, a site originally specializing in the resale of collector’s sneakers. The sale in question ends on June 23.

The Nothing Phone (1)

Each copy is numbered, which gives it a character “unique” depending on the brand. The main thing is to attract solvent and curious customers in order to generate general interest in the product. A technique that Carl Pei has mastered for years.

Invited to Art Basel, the big art fair that takes place in Switzerland, he took a stand again and scratched at the giants of the industry as he passed. “For years it has felt like all artists have left the industry. All we are left with is merch, cold and tacky. It was time to give it a new look.”he assured.

An original design

The famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee was equipped with the smartphone before his official presentation. We can see that the device is inspired by the “open” design of the Nothing Ear (1).

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If it looks like a white iPhone at first glance, you can observe some of the internal elements on the back of the mobile phone. We discover an ingenious luminous interface made of LEDs that allows to signal the receipt of notifications, messages or calls. It is even possible to personalize it to assign an animation to a specific contact or to check the mobile phone charge level. An original idea, even if it doesn’t revolutionize the industry.

It is possible to see part of the internal elements of the Nothing Phone (1).

It is possible to see part of the internal elements of the Nothing Phone (1).

The brand is a lot less talkative about the spec sheet or the actual capabilities offered by the software overlay.

However, many rumors indicate that it will be a mid-range smartphone. So we’d be entitled to a 90Hz Oled panel, a 7-series Snapdragon SoC and a 50Mpx main sensor. Nothing necessarily surprising in the current market. We therefore understand why the company no longer communicates this aspect, preferring to focus on the design (admittedly interesting) of its product.

With the speed at which information is leaking out – and where the brand is releasing it – it’s entirely possible that we’ll know everything about this Nothing Phone (1) before its official presentation. It remains to be seen if he really has the power to stir up opposing forces.

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