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Oh, that wasn’t the finale of bosses! what the fans expected. The favorites fell, the underdogs triumphed and the judges grimaced.

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Yes, culinary classics spiced up this final installment, including Anthony’s obsession with the salamander, the pairing of black gloves and the leaf cutter (hello fresh pasta challenge), and the strong comeback of the youngster whose dangerous cooking has irritated Jean-Luc Boulay and Normand Laprise many times since 2010.

But the Radio Canada reality show winner wasn’t the big favourite, the intense and kind Amine Laabi, but the calm and efficient Jean-Christophe Beaudin, 30, who concocted a cordon bleu menu despite a deep cut on his pinky finger . Damn the devil’s mandolin!

And even if he hasn’t shined as brightly as his comrades in the last ten weeks, Jean-Christophe has always been constant, attentive and meticulous.

Monday night, this discreet technician would weigh out the milligram of each of his ingredients and ease his stress, earning him a climb to the top of the charts. Like what it is necessary to beware of the water (Montellier) sleeping.

Jean-Christophe, sous-chef at Montreal’s Foxy restaurant, has flown under the radar since the kitchen workshop run by Colombe St-Pierre opened. Of the four finalists, he was clearly the outsider. I wrote in my last column that Jean-Christophe’s odds of winning were “as slim as a tile of Parmesan cheese,” a remark that stuck, shall we say, in his throat.

“My goal was to remain as inconspicuous as possible. I’m not a very excessive person, I’m not as extravagant and expressive as Amine. I’m more in my bubble. My goal was not to flash on TV and I stayed true to myself. I preferred to say less to the cameras and focus on my dishes,” explains Montréaler Jean-Christophe Beaudin.

Halfway through the shooting bosses!, the four judges served up a mini-warning to the contestants: stop making complicated tricks and go for simplicity. The instruction destabilized Jean-Christophe Beaudin.

I struggled in the weeks that followed. I opened the machine up for the triathlon in the semifinals and it paid off. If I’m in control, then I’m good.

Jean-Christophe Beaudin, winner of the bosses!

It was the third time Jean-Christophe had signed up to audition for the Radio Canada reality show. The injection was given to him by Jérôme Rouault, champion of the fourth edition of the bosses!with whom he worked briefly in the kitchen of the Chambre à part restaurant on rue Saint-Denis on the Plateau Mont-Royal.

Jean-Christophe, who trained at Mousso and Maison Boulud, disliked team events, including the famous blind challenge with headsets, also known as the Tim Hortons Challenge, which sent him into a duel twice. .

Unfortunately for Amine Laabi, who won most of the challenges this 11the strong season, he was the first to be cut after the entry phase. What a disappointment for him and for us who imagined him with the golden hat on. The most important night for Amine, 29, was his most devastating. Has the boreal kitchen thrown him off course?


Amine Laabi

Amine missed his almond tuile and his squid batter was too dry. The judges were not kind to the sous chef at Gentile Cafe in Westmount: Obvious technical errors, lack of harmony in flavors, poor cooking and lack of sauce (unforgivable at this stage, let’s see!), Amine was thanked. A defeat that the Lavallois accepted with elegance and humility.

A second favorite contestant, Anthony Vien, 25, also struggled with his supercharged recipes. Anthony fell hard on his gold pear, the core of which did not thaw, causing grimaces from the jury.

Elliot Beaudoin, 27, the tongs plating specialist, served up a succulent redhead but his dessert, which included chunks of butter, bogged him down. The Beauceron, also seen in blockheads 2 on Videotron’s Vrai platform, still in second place.

Photo Marc-André Lapierre, SUPPLIED BY RADIO-CANADA

Jean-Christophe Beaudin, winner of the bosses!

Without wanting to digress, this chapter of bosses! contained moments from the anthology, including Adrian’s assist sacrifice that propelled Anthony through to the finals, as well as Andersen’s heartbreaking elimination that moved more than one viewer to tears.

According to numeris, the 11the season of bosses! gathered 761,000 salon chefs in front of their stations, a slightly higher rate than that of In the Eye of the Dragon (757,000).

With such appetizing results, you can rest assured that Radio-Canada isn’t going under the table for a 12e batch.

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