“Canada Day Convoy” | Pierre Poilievre distances himself from a convoy, but not from his cause

(Ottawa) Conservative candidate Pierre Poilievre’s team denies he has exchanged views with organizers of a new convoy that could land on the streets of Ottawa this time on Canada Day.

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Melanie Marchese

Melanie Marchese
The press

After the “Freedom Convoy” in February, the “Rolling Thunder” in May, the “Canada Day Convoy” on 1ah next July? One thing is for sure, rumors of a new “freedom” demonstration against Justin Trudeau’s government are rife.

“BREAKING NEWS: We just hung up with Pierre Poilievre and his team. He plans to meet us in Ottawa on January 1stah July. Poilievre says he supports us 100 percent,” we wrote Monday night on the Canada Day Convoy Twitter account created a few days ago.

A page was also created on Gab, a social network frequented by sympathizers of the extreme right.

While distancing itself from this, Pierre Poilievre’s team reiterated the positions of the leading candidate, who pledged his full support to the “Freedom Convoy” that occupied the streets of the country’s capital for more than three weeks last winter.

“I encourage everyone to continue to demonstrate against the government’s attacks on our freedoms,” the Ottawa-area MP said in a statement from his spokesman, calling the vaccination mandate “unfair intimidation and unscientific.

However, “nobody” from the Poilievre camp “spoke to the organizers” of this group, the spokesman said. The main stakeholder, however, continues to support “all Canadians peacefully defending their rights by demonstrating against the Liberal government’s vaccine vendetta.”

And the 1ah July he will be in his equestrian sport from Carleton as he is used to, specified his attaché.

The Canada Day Convoy organization did not respond to an email sent by The pressTuesday.

Ottawa Police on the hunt

Ottawa Police have already warned they have no intention of starring in the same film as last winter. “We will not allow a repeat of the conditions that culminated in the illegal protests last February,” the organization posted on Twitter last Friday.

“We will maintain an approach that bans vehicle-based protests in and around sites of national importance,” police added, saying their plan will “consider lessons learned from unlawful protests as well as those by Rolling Thunder.”

The section of Wellington Street occupied by trucks has been closed to traffic since the major police operation cleared downtown streets.

This year, Canada Day celebrations are taking place on the Lebreton Flats due to construction on Parliament Hill.

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