Arms dealer sentenced to eight years in prison

A gun dealer was sentenced to eight years in prison at the Montreal courthouse on Tuesday. Jonathan Mputu Bijimine sold military-style semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and high-capacity magazines for thousands of dollars.

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Louis Samuel Perron

Louis Samuel Perron
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The 34-year-old Montreal native pleaded guilty to eight counts of arms trafficking, possession of a loaded prohibited weapon and drug trafficking. Jonathan Mputu Bijimine was part of a network of arms dealers dismantled by the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) Organized Crime Unit in October 2020.

An undercover agent (AI) contacts Jonathan Mputu Bijimine via text message in the summer of 2020 to buy firearms, according to Crown Prosecutor Me Eric Poudrier. A first transaction will take place on August 6th in a parking lot in Laval. The cop pays $5,000 to buy a black Glock pistol and a high-capacity magazine.

The undercover cop later hints at his interest in an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. However, Jonathan Mputu Bijimine sells him a homemade Glock-style Polymer80 assembly pistol with a silencer for $6,500.


A Glock-style Polymer80 pistol with a silencer and high-capacity magazine sold for $6,500

Still looking for an AR-15 rifle, the undercover agent continues his conversations with the human trafficker. Instead, he offered to sell him two 7.62mm Simonov semi-automatic rifles for $15,000. This military assault rifle is similar to the famous AK-47.

The exchange took place this time in October 2020 in Mirabel and ended with the arrest of Jonathan Mputu Bijimine. Police found a prohibited firearm in his home. Later, the trafficker is caught in prison in possession of 50 grams of cannabis.

Me Poudrier and the defense attorney Mr.e Gary Martin, submitted a joint proposal of eight years in prison, avoiding a week-long trial next August. Judge Érick Vanchestein supported this “reasonable” suggestion given the defendant’s criminal record and the “seriousness” of the firearms confiscated.

Jonathan Mputu Bijimine was impassive during the hearing and suddenly expressed his displeasure when the judge handed him a six-month concurrent sentence in the cannabis case.

“Sir, with your criminal record and felony count, the six-month proposal is very reasonable. It is human trafficking in prison,” the judge said. Due to the preventive detention, the human trafficker has been sentenced to 62 months in prison so far.

Jonathan Mputu Bijimine was sentenced to six years in prison in 2012 for involuntary manslaughter with a firearm. The young man had accidentally killed a childhood friend while trying to disengage his firearm. The men would then “collect” customers.

Prosecutors also dropped the charges against Myriam Chikh, 32, who was then the wife of Jonathan Mputu Bijimine.

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