a “very normal” move for the two clubs, believes Philippe Cantin

On June 29th, it will officially be six years since the Canadiens and the Predators wrapped THE Transaction. By this time, the CH had sent PK Subban to Nashville in exchange for taking Shea Weber. Basically a major league trade.

And almost six years later, the timing seems very opportune to take stock of this transaction. In fact, Weber will never play in the NHL again (and he’s no longer with the CH anyway) and Subban’s eight-year contract officially expires next month.

In addition, the Devils players want Yes, really see Subban again next year.

Back to the balance sheet: it was just a topic of discussion on the last episode of the podcast leave areaand we were confronted with two diametrically opposed points of view.

On the one hand, Philippe Cantin asserts that the transaction will have been “quite ordinary” in the end. Subban had a strong first season in Nashville and Weber had some good times too, but overall it’s hard to pick a clear winner. A presence in the final for each of the two boys.

On the other hand, Stéphane Waite asserts that it will have been a “very, very good transaction” for CH. Internally, he saw Weber give the Canadians a very important and coveted lead, and overall Weber had better stats than Subban (despite playing 125 fewer games than he did).

He’s not wrong about that: Weber has scored 58 goals in 275 games while Subban has scored 52 in 400 games since the swap. On the +/- side (a stat that doesn’t tell everything but is still interesting to get an overview of) it’s +31 for Weber and -30 for Subban.

Weber’s injuries may be the only downer for CH, Waite says, but when he was on the ice, Weber served CH very well. And the payroll impact was significantly less than Subban’s by $1.1 million.

In short, what do you think? A “normal” transaction or a “very, very good move” for CH? I’m leaning a little more towards the second option, but maybe not as much as Waite, in all honesty.


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– Four losses in a row for the Alliance.

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