A rumor has it that Canadian Logan Cooley will pick

I go count in children : there are only 16 little ones left sleep before day one of the NHL Entry Draft (first round). Need I remind you this is taking place at the Bell Centre?

The Canadians have a chance to take first place in front of their fans. We haven’t seen that often in modern NHL history…

For the past few weeks, we’ve all been wondering who the Canadian will vote for in this first election. total.

The not-so-flashy but responsible middle player who’s topped multiple lists for years? #ShaneWright

The large-scale winger who has impressed many observers, especially at international level, in recent months? #JurajSlafkovsky

The small American hub of talent whose skills are compared to Patrick Kane’s? #LoganCooley

Alexandre Burrows did not come out scoop or privileged information 10 days ago when he admitted the CH was going to fish Wright, Slafkovsky or Cooley. I don’t see who else could honestly be called number one. That’s as good as certain.

About 80% of the recruiters that TVA Sports (or TSN, I don’t remember) spoke to about two weeks ago would still choose Shane Wright if they had to advise Kent Hughes.

Bob McKenzie still has Wright at number 1 on his most recent list.

Also Craig Button.

But Jean Perron wants to know – through Simon Nemec’s advisor – that CH will choose Juraj Slafkovsky. Mathias Brunet has also been tending towards this possibility for a few days now…

But now Grant McCagg, a former amateur recruiter with the Montreal Canadiens, claims a recruiter from another team heard the CH surprise everyone and call up Logan Cooley on July 7th. The CH would be afraid to make a mistake by choosing Wright.

Who is telling the truth?

Has the Canadian’s management really made a final decision at the moment? Not sure…

Note that McKenzie (for now) places Cooley second in his ranking and Slafkovsky fifth. The Slovakia winger has scored several goals against second-rate sides on the international stage, but he has failed to fill the net against outstanding teams at both the Olympics and World Cups Junior or only in the Finnish first division.

Button has Slafkovsky at #2 and Cooley at #4. Both McKenzie and Button now place Joakim Kemmel in third place.

Damned that I can’t wait until mid-July until all the speculation is behind us (and I’m on vacation, uh uh).


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