“We Escaped the Fall of Mr. Tremblay”

A man accused of killing a chihuahua has mental health issues and faces two years in prison

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Louis Samuel Perron

Louis Samuel Perron
The press

“If you try to leave I’ll kill you like Blue. After killing a little girl’s Chihuahua with his hands, Samuel Tremblay made this chilling threat to a mother and daughter. The young man, overcome with mental health problems and previously convicted of hitting pedestrians, was let down by the system, according to the defense.

“A week before the events he had told his mother that he was not well and that he wanted to see his doctor, which they did. But he did not see a psychiatrist and was not prescribed any medication. This is truly a case where we evaded Mr. Tremblay’s case,” lamented his attorney, Ms.e Diane Chartier, during the sentencing hearing.

Jailed since March 2021 for this sordid story, Samuel Tremblay was released on April 1, 2021ah last June at the Montreal courthouse. The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to assaulting a child, forcibly incarcerating and intentionally killing and mutilating a dog.

“Strange Reason”

On this day, Samuel Tremblay is at the apartment of a friend and her young daughter in Montreal. While having fun with his friend’s Chihuahua, Blue, he begins to “abuse” the dog for a “strange reason.” “I’ll spare you the details,” said Me Chartier, summarizes the facts in court.

The dog Blue then lies visibly dead on the ground. The little girl then tries to take the dog to protect him, but Samuel Tremblay pushes her until she falls to the ground. The torturer grabs the dog by the neck and continues to beat it. He ends up putting the dog in a shoe box and putting it in the freezer.

Her friend then panics and rushes to communicate with Samuel Tremblay’s mother. ” [L’accusé] say, “If you call the police, the same thing will happen. If you try to leave I’ll kill you like Blue, and if you try to leave I’ll find you. You’re a piece of shit,” his attorney said. Samuel Tremblay was subsequently arrested.

crime story

Despite his young age, Samuel Tremblay already has a heavy criminal history. In May 2021, the district court sentenced him to 10 months in prison on two counts. He was previously sentenced to 17 months in prison for a case that made headlines in November 2019.

Called into play by the police and pursued for dangerous driving at high speed, the driver almost mowed down pedestrians on Rue Saint-Denis. Another motorist then heroically blocked his path with his vehicle to save passers-by. The driver had consumed Xanax and GHB that day.

Then, during his appearance in 2019, Samuel Tremblay’s mother revealed to the media that her son was being let down by the healthcare system. “I’ve fought for years to get my son taken care of,” she said. The press. Samuel Tremblay was followed from the age of 2 until he came of age, but according to his attorney, no one can “determine” his illness.

Three years later, Samuel Tremblay is still not covered by the health system, although the experts in his criminal accountability report urge that he is being evaluated by a psychiatrist. However, at his request, Samuel Tremblay is being “caged up” in Rivière des Prairies prison in “very, very tight” confinement, his lawyer denounces.

“He was not treated during detention, he did not see a doctor, he did not see a psychiatrist. Regardless of the verdict, we can hope that when Monsieur leaves, he’ll knock on the right door,” his lawyer lamented at the hearing.

It’s amazing to see the doors close in front of him when he asked for help. He knows his danger.

Me Diane Chartier, attorney for Samuel Tremblay

Faced with her guilty plea and mental health issues, Judge Silvie Kovacevich supported the joint proposal by the defense and Crown Prosecutor Ms.e Sylvie Lemieux. His two-year sentence is in addition to the 276 days he has already served and a three-year probation.

Judge Kovacevich made a point of recommending that prison authorities see Samuel Tremblay in the infirmary so that he could receive the care he needed.

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