The traveller’s revenge: a diary of journeys after a difficult imprisonment

Nathalie Ouellet hasn’t traveled in two years (her last trip was to Greece in 2009), which is a long time for someone who takes a few outdoor trips every year. The passionate 49-year-old sports enthusiast lives alone and has navigated a difficult pandemic in terms of socializing.

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So it’s not one, but three trips that are on his agenda for the next few months. A weekend in New York, first to attend a dance convention (another of her passions) with a friend, a trip to Peru with another mate, and finally this long-awaited trip that has been planned and booked for quite some time: hiking the French Alps.

“I was supposed to go to the Alps in the summer of 2020 and was very disappointed that I couldn’t,” she said. It was very difficult because then I didn’t want to have too many expectations or be disappointed. So I waited a bit. I continue this journey two years later and fortunately it is the same route and the same project that finally comes to fruition.

The time had come for her to resume travel, meetings and activities, three important elements in her life as a curious and active woman.

“I need all of that – the mix of sporting activities, sightseeing and the joy of meeting lots of people – after being trapped between four walls during the pandemic,” she confides. It messes with mental health when you’re not doing what you love. Hiking and sports are part of my life and necessary for my mental health.”

Without good organization, Nathalie would not have decided to travel again. Good insurance allows him to leave with peace of mind and be comfortable with his decision.

“I thought about it for a long time before returning on my journey,” she continues. The virus is still here, but I’m taking the risk. I’m aware that something can happen, but I’m well prepared. I am willing to take the risk of traveling because hiking and traveling are a part of me.”

  • TRAVELER: Nathalie Ouellet, 49 years old
  • TARGET : New York, Peru and France
  • LENGTH OF TIME : A weekend, 10 days and 16 days
  • WITH WHOM : Hiking with a friend, with a second friend and alone with an organized group in the Alps.

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