“The teachers are to blame”

Yesterday you read the file protocol to the delays young Quebec students have accumulated during the pandemic?

That’s quite worrying, thanks.

But what also worried me were the words of the students interviewed by the journalist Dominique Scali.

“It’s up to the teachers if we’re not motivated…”

“The teacher is content to let us read the notebooks in class…”

“If we have a question, the teacher tells us to go to Google…”

In short, the old refrain: if I go down, it’s the teachers’ fault.

“For many students, the teachers are mainly to blame. They are inexhaustible on this subject,” writes Dominique Scali.


I understand that learning remotely was not easy.

Not to mention the labor shortage that meant several teachers had to be replaced over and over again.

But at the risk of being scolded by the little rabbits who curl up in a ball and cry hot tears whenever criticized, I ask a shocking, disgusting, scandalous question!

Could it be that young people are also responsible for their situation?

Yes I know it’s a terrible question to ask, I deserve to be fired protocolchained and banished to an island in the middle of the Atlantic, but I persist and sign…

Could it be that the shortage has only increased the laziness of some students?

As one courageous teacher said in Dominique Scali’s text, “They’ve been telling us for ten years that school is boring. It never changed…”


On June 14th in the column “Make the difference” The newspaper published a wonderful text by Robert Durocher, a retired science teacher.


(Keep your journal away from your kids, they might throw a tantrum if they see it out of the corner of their eye…)

“You have to work hard to do well in school”


You dared! The bosses of protocol dared to publish a text that bore this title!

Hurry, a petition!

Show them the door, they’re just good at editing the Association of Churchwardens’ internal bulletin!

“To be successful, you have to make an effort, you have to work,” wrote Mr. Durocher. However, the words “effort, work, concentration, resilience” are absent from the speeches heard or read in the various media…”

These radioactive words to be erased from dictionaries have been replaced with five words.

“Blame it on…”

Blame the teachers, blame the pandemic, blame the labor shortage, blame the temperature, blame the war in Ukraine…

Speaking of the war in Ukraine, I am also sure that the children who come from this part of the country are working hard to make up for lost time, happy as they are to find normal life again in a school in a bomb shelter. ..


I have only one sentence, one sentence to say to our young people (and I count my 14 year old son in that group…)

When times are tough, you have to work harder.

Do not give up.

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