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The Casa Aesthetic Medical Center organized under the direction of Dr. Hassan ElHassan Boukind this Thursday, June 16, a “wellness day”. Dedicated to well-being and health, this day seeks to raise awareness of the harmful effects of obesity, excess fat, malnutrition and how they affect our health and well-being.

In Morocco, obesity affects almost 10 million people, according to the HCP (High Commission for Planning). And 25% of people between the ages of 45 and 59 are in a situation of pre-obesity or morbid obesity. Unfortunately, these numbers are constantly changing. “Hence the alarm bells. says Pr Boukind. And to continue “Information and awareness raising are crucial because they would help curb this trend. “It’s a preventative approach,” adds the cosmetic surgeon.

Therefore, it is important to act before the obesity stage is reached. Several techniques combined with a healthy lifestyle can avoid a situation of obesity and disease. “You shouldn’t wait until you hit 100kg to decide to tackle the problem. As soon as you realize you’ve gained a few pounds, you have to react,” explains Pr Boukind.

Coolsculpting is one of the many techniques Casa Aesthetic Medical Center offers to combat excess pounds. CoolSculpting is currently very popular for its spectacular results on localized fat and is a technique recommended for people (looking for a thin body) suffering from excess fat.

Obesity and well-being do not go together

With the approach of summer, the hunt for excess pounds is accentuated. Jersey and small outfits oblige. Rolls, orange peel skin, saddlebags, … absolutely have to go. So how to get rid of it? Today, aesthetic medicine offers a wide variety of non-invasive techniques adapted to different expectations.

In fact, treating moderate obesity differs significantly from treating when the BMI (Body Mass Index) is too high. If the BMI is equal to or greater than 30, it is said to be obese. In this case, the support will be multiple and relatively extensive. According to Pr Boukind, obesity requires a global approach that integrates behavioral and even surgical treatments. »

On the other hand, when it comes to localized fat with a few extra pounds (3 to 5 kg), non-invasive techniques can be used. So there are two different approaches, a long-term and a short-term approach.

Coolsculpting or cold treatment, cryolipolysis, is one of the innovative techniques that are very popular at the moment. This success is justified by the amazing results obtained in a short time.

So what is it? And who is coolsculpting for?

Coolsculpting, a gentle technique, was introduced in the US in 2008. It consists in treating localized fat that has accumulated over time (a high level of triglycerides due to poor eating habits and/or lack of physical activity).

The technique targets fat deposits in a specific area in slightly overweight people.

In the vast majority of cases, unsightly fatty tissue accumulates around the abdomen, but other areas can also be affected, particularly around the back, hips, saddlebags, forearms, inner thighs, etc.

How are you ?

A doctor’s consultation is necessary to determine the area or areas to be treated. Then the treatment can begin. The device sucks up the fat like a siphon. Thanks to the cold, the affected area is completely numb and the feeling of pain eventually disappears after a few minutes. A pad is placed between the skin and the device to prevent cold burns. At the end of the session (lasts about an hour/area) the treated part is almost frozen and purple, a massage is recommended to re-stimulate blood circulation to restore normal skin color but above all to promote the elimination of fat. A diuretic drink might help speed up this dehydration.

If the results are not immediate, the breakdown of fat cells is triggered and the effects of Coolsculpting can be felt a few weeks after the treatment.

Aside from being a non-invasive technique that doesn’t require a lot of treatment time (hence no sick notes, no multiple trips to and from the doctor, and no injections of products or anything), Coolsculpting can produce lasting results when combined with a healthy lifestyle (physical activity and balanced diet).

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