Researchers discover that mosquitoes have an Achilles’ heel in their genes

This is perhaps an important discovery by researchers at the University of Riverside in California (USA). Mosquitoes thrive throughout the wetlands and when it gets hotter they will roam around at night and sometimes stalk you. They bite you and feed on your blood. How remembered futureInsects depend on a steroid hormone, ecdysone, to grow and reach sexual maturity. However, it needs proteins to reach the heart of the cells. And impossible to reproduce without them.

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Usually insects need four. However, scientists at Riverside University have found that mosquitoes have an Achilles heel in their genes. You would only have three. However, the one they lack is the most important among insects. Because of this, entomologists could use it to fight the spread of mosquitoes around the world.

“We will develop chemicals that block the functions of proteins that allow ecdysone transport but do not affect the most important protein in other insects,” explains Naoki Yamanaka, one of the authors of the study published in the PNAS journal. If researchers have already developed methods to make mosquitoes male sterile, remembers future, it doesn’t work everywhere. And according to Naoki Yamanaka, “the mosquito problem is getting worse and worse.”

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Avoid certain diseases

“Relying on a single tool would be unconscious for them.” She adds: “As the climate warms, it creates even more favorable conditions for their proliferation and they become an ever greater problem.” Your future research should therefore be based on chemicals that are harmful to mosquitoes but not other insects such as bees to block their reproductive functions. Good news for those who fear mosquitoes but also fight diseases and viruses such as Zika, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever or even Chikungunya.

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