Protect your personal information online beforehand

On the Internet, you must always be careful with your personal information so that it is not stolen. Find out how to protect them.

How can you protect your personal information online?

The security of personal data is more important to internet users. The sensitivity of this information is all the more increased by the intensive daily use of the Internet. Private life, professional life, bank details – everything runs over the Internet. To protect your personal information online while browsing from site to site or when taking advantage of the best online casino bonuses or when watching your best series, here are the new habits you should adopt.

Go for a secure connection

To enjoy the Internet safely, choose secure connections. It is important to keep your personal information safe. To do this, only visit sites that are safe. Tony Sloterman, owner of Casino Bonuses Finder, said: “It is important for internet users to keep their confidential information safe by only browsing safe sites”. Accessing a website allows you to verify that the connection to it is secure. For example, on Google Chrome it is easy to check whether the connection to a website is secure or not. This is indicated by the closed padlock in front of the website URL address.

Use a password manager

Browsers constantly offer to save your usernames and passwords on different websites. It’s tempting to accept the request when you know you have dozens of signups to manage. But on the safety side, it’s more than dangerous. In fact, this option makes it easier for everyone to access your various accounts. Password management applications are secure so that you can track your access. Keepass or Bitwarden are excellent managers that are reliable and easy to use. Here’s how to protect your personal information online while using autofill.

change DNS

To protect your personal information online, you can also configure your DNS. The Domain Name System translates the domain names of the websites you visit into IP addresses. This system is therefore linked to geolocation and allows websites to be censored for specific countries. DNS changer apps allow safe browsing. They also increase the speed of research on the Internet. Cloudflare’s DNS downloadable for Android and IOS allows you to easily change DNS.

Prioritize the exchange of encrypted messaging

Email is a treasure trove of information for search engines and cybercriminals. To protect your personal information online, you should opt for encrypted messages. In other words, only the sender and the recipient can read the messages. This end-to-end encryption therefore makes it possible to hide all the content of your exchanges. This includes text, images, sounds, calls and videos. So you are safe from misuse and espionage. You can choose between: Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, Wickr or Wire.

Search in another search engine

Google search is the most used search engine because of its performance. The wealth of preferences stored by Google makes it easy to find the results that work for you. In particular, if you search while logged into your Google account, you are unknowingly sharing sensitive information. It is recommended to opt for different search engines. Qwant and DuckDuckGO, among others, are search tools that respect the privacy of Internet users.

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