“KWE!”, a major cultural event

The 2022 edition of “KWE! Meeting with Indigenous Peoples”, which started last Friday at Place Jean-Béliveau in Quebec City, will end tomorrow, Tuesday 21 June. Entry is free and there is still time to get there this year for unforgettable encounters.

Abenakis, Algonquins, Attikameks, Crees, Huron-Wendats, Innus, Inuits, Malecites, Micmacs, Mohawks, and Naskapis are in play.

For the fifth consecutive year, these eleven hands, stretched out in the same place by as many Aboriginal nations and languages, invite the entire population of Quebec to discover their specificities and their realities through art and culture.

reconciliation and reconciliation

In recent years, few people in Quebec are aware of Indigenous issues related to hostels and racism. There are more than a hundred and fifty years of wounds to heal…

The purpose of “KWE! Meeting Indigenous Peoples”, a now recurring event, aims to break down the last walls of ignorance and prejudice that have been deliberately or unconsciously erected against indigenous peoples.

Bridges are built there, notably through encounters, dialogues and workshops, as well as through history, traditional gastronomy, crafts, poetry, music, sagas and legends, film screenings, etc. .

culture as a bridge

Concretely, this cultural event is part of the perspective of reconciliation and bringing people together, especially in Quebec and in Canada in general. It is important to experience it at least once.

Enjoying the relationship with others, participating in these “meetings of give and take”, as the Senegalese poet Léopold Sédar Senghor so aptly said, is what defending the whole culture is about.

Culture undoubtedly has a mediating and dialogue function.

It also has an identity-forming function through the discovery or rediscovery of the threatened, weakened or neglected identities of those who are today affected by discrimination or exclusion and often isolated.

It is this factor that allows us to structure ourselves, to know ourselves, to recognize ourselves, to make ourselves recognized and to build ourselves up. It influences our thoughts, our words, our actions and our daily lives while enabling our development.

Parts of the story of the other, unlike in the history books, enrich us from their point of view.

We deepen our knowledge of its prospects, customs, etc.

Culture is also the factor that helps us think for ourselves. This factor that allows us to understand the world in order to better contribute to its transformation… It is the essential dimension of our sense of belonging to humanity.

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