He sells his commercial building to meet the wishes of the citizens

Karl Moussette, owner of Investissement KM, wasn’t expecting it when he bought Les d’Oeufs Copines, a breakfast restaurant hit hard by the pandemic and labor shortage that sat on the street in Old Chambly for 14 years.

“We are very proud to announce that we have acquired the Les d’Oeufs Copines restaurant with the aim of making it our new office,” he had started on Facebook on March 24, before shortly thereafter giving the idea changed.

“I saw on social media the disappointment of citizens at losing another restaurant in Old Chambly and the fear of losing the place’s cachet. I thought about it and then made the decision to step down and sell the restaurant. It is important for me to listen to the population in my projects,” the native of Carignan, a town on the Chambly border, confided in an interview.

This decision to put this property back on the real estate market, bought at a price of $745,000, will cost him between $50,000 and $150,000, mainly because of the financial cost of private lenders and commissions from real estate agents. “It’s more of a human decision than a business decision,” he notes.

The developer also insists that he had no desire to “fight” the city planning board to carry out his desired renovation of this listed 1900 building.

Sell ​​to a restaurant

In the coming weeks, therefore, the businessman will try to sell this building near Fort-Chambly to an entrepreneur who wishes to pursue the vocation of trade. “I want a restorer to buy the building and be able to keep their seal of approval and preserve their legacy.”

Two restaurateurs, of all people, showed him their interest in buying this commercial property, he emphasized without wanting to give any further details.

On the Centris real estate side, however, the announcement of this business for sale opens the door for other types of buyers, however, as we have seen. “Opportunity to start your business, your restaurant or simply as a long term investment” is written there.

In response to that announcement, Karl Moussette said he would prioritize offers from restaurant owners, but if he didn’t have one, he would settle for selling them to a different type of buyer.

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