Formula 1: “It was a difficult race,” admits Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen had to look in his rearview mirror several times in the final laps. Under pressure from Carlos Sainz Jr., the Red Bull driver found another path to victory at the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit on Sunday.

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After the first rounds of the event, Verstappen appeared to be heading for a one-sided win. Due to the exit of the safety car at 47e again, he was forced to pull out his piloting skills.

Canadian Grand Prix

“It was a difficult race,” said Verstappen, who signed his first win on Montreal soil. I was hoping for more rhythm. We were missing something when I compare with the Ferraris.

“It was more difficult than I expected. We used a strategy that worked well.

Of course, he didn’t appreciate the presence of the safety car that allowed Sainz Jr. to close on the final laps.

Canadian Grand Prix

“I was aware that he [Sainz fils] had fewer worn tires than mine. He also had more speed than me. It was difficult to counter him. I had no margin for error.

“He couldn’t overtake, but he was always very close to me. The pressure was constant.”

Canadian Grand Prix

Another driver

Verstappen made his sixth career start in Montreal. His last visit was in 2019. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since that day.

He is not the same driver and above all his performance on the track is not comparable.

“I’ve gained a lot of experience,” said Verstappen. I’ve always liked coming to Montreal, but I didn’t have the right conditions to be competitive. We were slow on the straights.

Canadian Grand Prix

“This year we were able to use the straights. We had the opportunity to fight for victory. It made my presence in Montreal that little bit more special.”

The 24-year-old athlete also likes the layout of the track in Montreal.

“Curves are designed old-fashioned. On newer circuits they are more standard. Here they are unique. We must do everything to keep them. It’s more fun to drive.”

Canadian Grand Prix

Sainz son satisfied

For Sainz Jr., his streak of winless starts extended to 149. On the other hand, he recorded an 11th with his second-place finishe career podium.

Canadian Grand Prix

“I had good pace throughout the race,” said the Spaniard. But to really be able to overtake, you have to be even faster.

“I took a risk in every corner and hit the wall several times. I had a few good words with the DRS, but it wasn’t enough.

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