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Eric Le Francois

Eric Le Francois
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The last temptation

My Mazda vehicle lease expires in June 2023. I am tempted to buy a Honda HR-V. However, I only have 20,000 km on the clock. Would I be better off buying my 2019 CX-3? Its salvage value is $10,200. I am 84 years old and this will be my last vehicle.

Antoine H

I don’t want this to be your last vehicle, but why not keep what you currently have? The HR-V is getting a complete overhaul this year (reliability to be proven) and there will certainly be a wait before you can get it. Your current vehicle has very little mileage, seems to meet your needs (the HR-V is a direct competitor to your CX-3) and has low residual value. You should buy it and take care of its maintenance.

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Nissan Qashqai

I have leased a 2019 Nissan Qashqai due for delivery in September 2023. He will have traveled around 30,000 km. Should I return it at the end of my contract, buy it back or resell it myself? The residual value is $12,519.

Jeannot R

The answer is within you. Does the Qashqai still meet your requirements? Have you been conscientious about its maintenance? If you answered yes to both questions, you should buy it. If not, you should start researching and placing an order with a dealer a few months before your lease expires. The current shortage is likely to last until the fourth quarter of 2023, according to several analysts surveyed.

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Toyota Corolla hatchback

I need to replace my beloved vehicle, a 2012 Mazda 5. I have always kept my vehicles for 9 or 10 years (approx. 140,000 km) by taking a 6 or 7 year extended warranty. I have a liking for Japanese products which have always satisfied me. Now, three years into retirement, I drive about the same mileage as I get out and commute often between Quebec and Florida, where I spend my winters. My needs are a hatchback body for the cargo area, comfort for long journeys, driver aids, low gas mileage, low initial cost, all-round visibility, and most importantly, reliability. I also need a rear hitch for my bike rack. I eliminated several large vehicles that I liked (CX-5, CR-V) because they are too expensive and have high consumption. I’m thinking of the Mazda3 Sport hatchback, the Honda Civic LX hatchback and the Subaru Impreza. can you guide me I eliminated the hybrids that I love because the lead times are too long and I want them by October before heading to Florida.

Daniel or

In the current context, October delivery is not necessarily guaranteed. You must check with your dealer about the situation. That means all your picks will hold up very well. The Mazda is more economical, the Civic hatchback is fun to drive (like a Mazda), but expensive. As for the Impreza, it’s reliable, but do you need full-time 4WD if you’re wintering in Florida? All of these vehicles are good choices, but you’re probably missing the vehicle that best suits your expectations: the Corolla hatchback. This is definitely a better choice.

Between two sons


Mustang Mach-E

I have a paid 2016 Lincoln MKX and would like an electric vehicle. I tested the Mustang Mach-E and then reserved one. So no rating for my exchange yet. In the meantime I have discovered the e-tron from Audi. I like it too. What do you suggest me between the two?

Jean Francois L.

Of the two, the Mustang Mach-E is the better choice due to its price, features, and range. If you are interested in a more representative model, we recommend that you take a closer look at the BMW iX, which is more modern than the e-tron and offers significantly more range and comfort.

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