Demonstrations in Montreal and Quebec: The “Liberate the Breasts” movement is gaining momentum

Three weeks after the controversial arrest of a young Quebec woman by police, two simultaneous protests took place on Sunday calling for women not to be forced to cover their breasts in public.

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The Liberate the Breasts movement has continued to gain momentum since five police officers told Éloÿse Paquet Poisson to put on a sweater to hide her breasts on May 29 in Parc Jean-Paul-L’Allier. The young woman then denounced this situation on Facebook.

“I also get heels and heels from women and men, but less to tell me they’re really grateful,” says Éloÿse Paquet Poisson.

She is still outraged by the actions of the police against her.

“It’s an abuse of power to be pointed at five male police officers near a woman. It’s total intimidation, abuse of power,” she says.

For former SPVQ investigator Roger Ferland, the fact that multiple police officers intervened is not unusual.

“When it comes to gestures of a sexual or more sexual nature, it is normal to have witnesses with you to be able to guarantee your actions or at least to support actions,” he explains.

In Canada, it is legal to go topless in parks, but you must have a valid reason.

“To be banned, such nudity must be indecent or contrary to public order. A person can therefore be partially nude in public if their nudity is deemed decent,” says Éducaloi.

However, the definition of “decent” varies from person to person, as evidenced by these testimonies from citizens collected by TVA Nouvelles:

“What would be naughty would be if she was lying naked in the park with her boyfriend and almost making love. That would be very indecent. If she tans while lying down, she’s fine.”

“You don’t have to undress and show yourself in public, but that wouldn’t shock or offend me either.”

“I don’t judge and I’m a mother too. I see no problem breastfeeding a child in public.”

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