Could Evgenii Dadonov play alongside the Suzuki-Caufield duo next year?

Last Thursday, CH surprised many of their supporters by announcing that (the contract of) Shea Weber had finally been exchanged. However, what surprised us wasn’t the fact that Weber (contract) left, but the fact that he was traded to Vegas and not a team that needed it. cap hit to reach the salary floor.

The coyotes, not to mention them.

And in return, Kent Hughes acquired Evgenii Dadonov, whom the Golden Knights wanted to get rid of in order to hit the salary cap. They had tried the last trading deadline but this crazy story will be remembered in the context of an aborted trade with the Ducks.

I also wrote a piece last March about a possible Weber-Dadonov transaction (which obviously has aged pretty well).

After the transaction, I spoke to colleague Marc-Olivier Cook about it, and the latter raised the idea of ​​seeing Dadonov next year alongside Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield. And today, Marc-Antoine Godin ofAthleticMontreal also addressed this scenario in his post about the CH newcomer.

And the more I think about itthe more this scenario makes sense to me.

Consider CH’s current situation: the team has just started rebuilding and, as they say themselves, reaching the 2022-23 playoffs is a rather unlikely scenario. Next season will be more focused on developing young players than winning at all costs (although of course the team still hopes to win some games).

So a guy like Dadonov, who’s in his last year of contract, could be a good bargaining chip at the next close. The CH will have the luxury of withholding 50% of his salary, and if he plays good hockey in the first months of the season, $ 2.5 million Dadonov cap hit gets interesting.

He probably won’t make a first choice, but if CH gets something that’s a good thing considering they traded Weber’s hefty contract for Dadonov.

However, if the CH wants to maximize the value he gets for Dadonov, he needs to highlight it (or in the Showcase, if you like it better). And given that the Russian forward isn’t exactly a Selke Trophy contender, his market value will add up to a big point haul.

you see what i mean?

With the team putting Dadonov alongside Caufield and Suzuki, there’s a good chance he’ll produce. We mustn’t forget that Dadonov isn’t exactly a two of spades offensively: the guy is a dangerous goalscorer and if he’s playing alongside the two youngsters his offensive punch will allow him to follow them (at least in the opponent’s zone).

Even for the two youngsters, playing with a guy like Dadonov could be a good thing. It would take some pressure off them in the attacking zone (a guy like Dadonov is more dangerous than a Joel Armia, for example, and the other teams know that) and they’d have an experienced veteran at their side.

Otherwise, should the CH choose Shane Wright, Dadonov could be traded to him to offer him a good veteran capable of offering a good offensive game. However, I see more guys like Mike Hoffman and Brendan Gallagher playing alongside Wright.

In short, a scenario to consider and the text of the excellent Marc-Antoine Godin (which I give you HERE) paints a good portrait of what Dadonov could bring to CH both on the ice and in a possible transaction.

I can’t wait to see where we’ll play him.


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