CH’s Post-Weber wage statement will give Kent Hughes plenty of work to do

Although the exchange by Shea Weber of Shea Weber’s contract has allowed the Montreal Canadiens to rid themselves of quite a significant burden/issue, payroll-related work is far from over for Kent Hughes and his team.

The fact that Weber hid pretty well all season has allowed him to bag his contract cash without playing a single game all season.

He did not appear in front of the media and was considered a bad CH ambassador this year.

Why was he hiding like that? According to the rumors Réjean Tremblay heard, Weber was just hoping to “poke” an insurance company.

Weber tried not to speak to the media so he wouldn’t have to admit that he would never play NHL hockey again. This would have prevented him from bagging his yearly buck attached to his contract.

To come back to the salary situation at CH, the current conditions regarding payroll accounting will cause the team boss some trouble.

It is not for nothing that we often hear that Kent Hughes works very hard to make other transactions.

Even though the former CH captain’s contract is no longer in the LTIR (Long Term Injury Reserve), his presence in 2021/22 will still influence the Canadian next season.

I will not go into the details, which were explained and analyzed at length by my colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois yesterday.

All you need to know is that the Habs will lose just over a million dollars in payroll space as performance bonuses need to be returned in 2021-22 2022-23.

The black part in the graphic below represents this amount.

(Image credit: Justin Blades/EOTP)

As can be seen, the chart features two goalies, seven defenders and 13 forwards.

They will tell me that some players like Leskinen are missing and that’s true. However, this graph represents the best composition of 22 players (the limit is 23, we remind you) that the CH could have in the NHL at the moment to have the best possible position in terms of their payroll.

CH would therefore have $0.2 million under the salary cap.

Yes, it’s way too narrow.

So that explains why Kent Hughes still has a lot of work to do despite the Weber contract swap.

There are a number of issues that need to be resolved before next season.

First, there are still some players at CH who need to be re-signed in a few weeks (preferably before the free agent market opens on July 13).

We’re talking about Alexander Romanov, Rem Pitlick, Michael Pezzetta, Samuel Montembeault and so on, among others.

In addition, there is the very likely entry-level contract by Shane Wright of the player to be drafted first by CH.

$200,000 is clearly not going to be enough to re-sign all of these guys.

For this reason, several replacement options must be considered by the Hab general staff.

The players most likely to be traded right now are Jeff Petry, Mike Hoffman and probably Jonathan Drouin. I pass here too.

In short, it really shouldn’t be thought that the job is almost done in the case of Kent Hughes.

The next few weeks will be very busy and exciting. Especially if Carey Price hints at a possible return to the game and he can’t be put on the LTIR.


– CF Montreal is back in action!

– He’s still trying to reach the NHL.

– Big tennis in Montreal and Toronto.

– A new mock draft, why not!

– He will be an interesting target for several teams in the draft.

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