Canadian GP: Frustrating end for Schumacher who had to retire after a promising qualification

After posting his best performance of his career so far in qualifying on Saturday, finishing 6the Rank, Mick Schumacher had high hopes of earning his first career points in his debut appearance at the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit but was forced to retire on 20th Junee Lap when his engine betrayed him.

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“It’s very frustrating,” admitted the American Team Haas pilot, who finished 7the ranked when he retired, but those are things that happen in F1 when you push the cars to their limits. Nevertheless, I can take a lot of positive things with me from the weekend and I’m looking forward to the next race.”

Canadian Grand Prix

Was the disappointment greater for the German pilot who was able to break the ice?

“It’s always hard to accept a situation like this, but it’s even harder when you’re in a position to produce a result and an incident like this happens.”

Canadian Grand Prix

Schumacher assures that he keeps morale. “It’s unfortunate what’s happening but I love the sport and I will keep fighting,” he said. I’ve had season starts like this in the past and I’ve always come out.

Easy to get stuck

Like his teammate, Kevin Magnussen did well in qualifying with a 5e place, but had problems on the first lap. A touch with Lewis Hamilton damaged his front wing and he had to pit under a black flag with an orange disc. The Dane from Team Haas finished the race in last place among the 17 riders who crossed the finish line.

Canadian Grand Prix

“It was nothing,” he said. I kept pace, the car felt good and the wing was safe. We have to let ourselves be guided.”

After contact with Hamilton, Esteban Ocon rolled behind Magnussen and started the radio waves: “If he loses his wing, it’s me who gets him on his head”. Did the Alpine team rider’s words affect the marshals?

“I spoke to Ocon and he laughed about how he told the FIA ​​it’s really serious. If you knew you could influence the FIA, you would, wouldn’t you? He did. That is fair play.”

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