Britney Spears’ father wants to force her to testify under oath

Jamie Spears appears ready to fight her daughter in court.

The singer’s father is currently preparing a case against her. The court documents he filed relate to his “right to prepare his case” and “to the litigation that his attorney initiated.”

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Jamie Spears’ lawyers are trying to get the star to testify under oath and then use that testimony as “admissible evidence” in his defense.

Jamie Spears’ legal team recalls in documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight that her daughter avoids testifying because it could lead her to delve into “emotionally difficult issues,” but she brings up the same issues on social media. In fact, the star’s father’s lawyers believe that argument is invalid.

Referring to the singer’s Instagram posts about her conservatory, which officially ended in November, and her upcoming book deal, Jamie Spears’ legal team said, “For Britney to be able to speak publicly about the issues she is raising (including cashing in a 15- million dollar checks). but suddenly being “disproportionately burdened” by the lawsuit his attorney initiated is ridiculous. »

The star’s father wants to force the singer to swear an affidavit, saying she’s been given a $15 million publishing deal to write a book about the things she doesn’t want to talk about in court.

Britney Spears has been keen on the social network to explain certain details about her day-to-day life under guardianship, accusing her father of forcing her to have blood tests or even forced her to work, for example.

Britney Spears has also accused her father of abusing his position as guardian.

According to Cornell University’s Institute for Legal Information, a testimony is a witness’s affidavit outside of the courtroom that contains information that can be used in preparing for and sometimes during the trial.

This isn’t the first time the $15 million figure for his publishing deal has come up, though media outlets have so far cited unidentified sources.

It’s unclear whether Jamie Spears’ legal team had access to the contract or is relying on these press reports.

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