According to Simon Nemec’s advisor, CH Juraj Slafkovsky will move in

Approved! The Canadian will draft Juraj Slafkovsky as the overall winner in the next draft.

July 7th is still ten days away and the Canadian has yet to announce his choice. Who will he choose between Shane Wright and Juraj Slafkovsky? The question on everyone’s lips continues to cause debate.

According to 98.1’s Jean Perron, a contact told him that the agent of Simon Nemec, one of the best prospects in the next draft, said Canadian Juraj Slafkovsky would be targeting in the next draft.

Well, do anything with that information, but still take it with a grain of salt. Yes, Nemec’s agent, who, by the way, is a Slovak (like Slafkovsky) is quite a credible person (I dare to imagine), but it was Jean Perron who released the information to the public.

During a press conference a few days ago, Kent Hughes assured Hughes that his decision had not yet been made. Did he decide within a few days?

If Nemec’s agent is telling the truth, Montreal will have on his hands a 6-foot-4 forward that skates very well, which Perron says is too an Austin Matthews 2.0. The sports analyst believes the two players look alike. Matthews and Slafkovsky share the same style of play and path.

Remember that the Slovak did very well at the Olympics and at the World Cup. According to Jean Perron, he will play in the NHL this year while Wright will have to wait until the 2023-2024 season. More and more people think the same thing.

Does their logic relate to Wright missing a year in OHL during COVID-19? Maybe.

In exactly 16 nights we will finally (and officially) know which player will be playing in Montreal.


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