A $5 million real estate project on the Côte de la Fabrique

A Quebec real estate developer is committed to preserving the historic character of the building it has acquired on the Côte de la Fabrique, even as it converts the site into 12 luxury residential units with rooftop terraces.

The Murray Group claims it had a crush when it acquired Maison Simons’ neighboring building at 26 and 28 Côte de la Fabrique in Quebec in October 2020.

The listed building, dating from 1867, was purchased by Maison Simons in 2016. This investment was part of an expansion plan. Out of context, the company sold this building two years ago and it was the Murray Group who acquired it.

The developer has launched a $5 million revitalization project. The works include the construction of twelve luxurious residential units and the addition of two stories to the rear of the building.

“We had no waivers. Everything was in order. We complied with regulations to get approval faster,” said Maude Murray, the group’s general manager.

The Effect of COVID

The units are offered for long-term rental. The ground floor retains its commercial purpose as an art gallery will be set up on the premises by the end of the summer. The units, the Lofts de la Fabrique, will be ready by the end of the year.

“It’s an old building. There are always contingencies. We were a bit late. With the COVID, it’s not helping with the delivery of the materials either,” Ms Murray said.

The units, which will have an area of ​​approximately 500 square meters, will have a contemporary look, both in design and in the finishes, which will be made of noble materials, according to the general manager. The architectural office Agence Spatiale was selected for the interior design. L2 Construction was commissioned with the construction.

Old Quebec

The Murray Group has a particular presence in Old Quebec. Most of its 200 rental units are in Upper Town and Lower Town.

“Heritage buildings are actually our specialty,” says Ms. Murray.

The family business, which has been active in the region for twenty years, focuses its acquisitions near tourist attractions. According to the organizer, the Lofts de la Fabrique benefit from an exceptional location in the heart of Old Quebec.

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