Women are demanding the right to be topless

Fifteen topless women demonstrated in Mount Royal Park in support of Éloÿse Paquet Poisson, who was arrested by Quebec police last month for baring her breasts.

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Vincent Larin

Vincent Larin
The press

Timid at first, the Liberate the Breasts event, scheduled to begin Sunday noon, gradually gained importance as they arrived one after the other near the monument to Sir George-Étienne Cartier.

A few meters away, gathered as they do every Sunday to play tom-toms, several men would have bared their torsos in complete indifference, perfect proof of the existence of a double standard between the breasts of male and female sex, argued the organizer of the event, Alice Lacroix.

“Men have never had to fight to take their shirts off in public, so this is really a gender equality movement,” she pleaded.

Alice Lacroix rightly points out that women have the right to be topless in public places. “People think we’re doing this to be sexy while we’re just claiming our right to be comfortable in the sun for a day,” she adds, affirming that she wants to claim “their right to exist”.

to do an education

On May 29, a young woman, Éloÿse Paquet Poisson, was arrested by police in a Quebec park for having bare breasts. Sharing her story on Facebook, she said officers admitted she had not done anything illegal.

One of the participants in the Sunday demonstration in Montreal, Béatrice, said she doesn’t blame the police for being “just misinformed because that’s the norm [les seins des femmes] are covered”.

“I’m really here to say freedom, equality,” she says. If some ‘react’ to seeing women’s breasts in public, ‘so much the better for them, but it can’t be known,’ explains Béatrice, for whom ‘there’s an ‘education first’ issue. .

Photo Hugo-Sébastien AUBERT, press

Another such event

Also to show her solidarity with Éloÿse Paquet Poisson, Susie Simard told her story, which is in every way similar to that of the young woman from Quebec.

On June 16, as she lay shirtless on a beach at Lac-Leamy Park in Outaouais, she was approached by two wardens who had come to ask her to “dress because [qu’elle] was naked.

“I said no, I’m not naked, I don’t have to get dressed, half the people here on the beach don’t have bikini tops,” she says, still shocked by the event. Despite intervention by the park manager and then Royal Gendarmerie officers who threatened to “take her out of the park”, she eventually received a “warning” which she showed to the media at Mont Royal on Sunday.

“We see the young girls walking around in their little bikinis and showing their two big round buttocks, that’s not a problem, but once we start showing breasts it’s so hypersexualized that we’re like, no, we have no right plus that,” denounced Susie Miron.

A similar event was also organized in Quebec on Sunday in Victoria Park, not far from where Éloÿse Paquet Poisson was arrested.

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