Tobacco, firearms: nothing to do

The newspaper told us this week that more than 1000 tons of tobacco From September 2017 to May 2019, contraband was delivered to Kahnawake in 88 articulated lorries. Ottawa lost more than $217 million in federal tariffs and taxes in nearly two years.

You’re probably wondering: how come the police didn’t intervene on the Kahnawake Reservation, home to the largest concentration of illegal cigarette factories in Canada? The answer is simple. Governments in both Ottawa and Quebec are terrified of the Mohawks blocking the Cornwall Bridge and the Honoré Mercier Bridge in Montreal. Anything to avoid a new Oka crisis.

Additionally, with a lack of embarrassment that doesn’t surprise me recently, the Mohawks of Kahnawake forced the temporary closure of the Honoré Mercier Bridge during a demonstration against Bill 96.

For them, French is a foreign language. Anglo-American is the language of the Mohawks of Kahnawake, who consider the reservation their territory.

In solidarity with Anglo-Quebecians, they oppose Quebec requiring students in English-language CEGEPs — which Mohawks attend — to take three French courses, and are calling for an exception to the law in their favor.

The SQ called to the Mercier Bridge “to ensure safety” was in their little shoes. His spokesman clarified: “We will under no circumstances take a position on the dispute that is currently manifesting itself.”

Quebec throws money in the water

Finally, the icing on the cake. Quebec has awarded the Akwesasne Peacekeepers (Mohawk Police) $6.2 million over five years as part of their strategy to combat armed violence in Montreal. Most of the weapons used by street gangs pass through this pool. We will therefore pay the salaries of 5 peacekeepers. Quebec will also provide a new boat, SUVs and snowmobiles to arrest gun smugglers.

The federal government did the same two years ago. No result found. Peacekeepers asked Ottawa for special financial assistance, claiming they could not afford to fight organized crime. Obviously it didn’t do anything.

questions and predictions

How many weapons or other contraband have the Akwesasne peacekeepers, who already have a boat patrol, seized in the last, say, 20 years? How many smugglers have been arrested? I predict results will be reasonable over the next five years despite the millions from Quebec. The subsidy should have been performance-based: We pay after attachments.

Wondering why don’t the SQ and RCMP patrol the waters around Akwesasne themselves? Once again because Ottawa and Quebec are afraid of upsetting the Mohawks.

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