The Panthers will do anything to get rid of Sergei Bobrovsky

The Florida Panthers had a great 2021-22 season. They were one of the most dominant teams on the Bettman Tour from start to finish.

The proof is that they finished the year first in the Eastern Conference with a record 58 wins, 18 losses and 6 losses in overtime.

But Andrew Brunette’s team was helpless in the second round of the playoffs against Florida rivals, the Lightning, and were eliminated in four short games.

However, now is the time to make decisions on the Panthers’ side. And one of them concerns Sergei Bobrovsky, the team’s best goalkeeper.

Nick Kypreos, a former NHL player who now works in the media, said the Panthers are keen on trading the Russia goalie. Bill Zito, the team’s CEO, would even be willing to keep 50% of his salary to make room on the payroll.

Bobrovsky currently makes $10 million per season and his contract expires in three years after the 2024-2025 season. So we understand that by keeping 50% of his salary, the Panthers are really looking for a dance partner to trade in.

Still, the main player hasn’t been bad this season… But with the salary cap and other players lined up for signing, it might be time for the team to close first-round team Spencer Knight a few years ago meeting .

Website CapFriendly reports that the Panthers currently have around three million players but, like every other team in the league, will need to make some signings in the coming months.

We agree, 10 million on a payroll is huge. Also 5 is a lot. It makes all the difference at the end of the day.

This file will be one of many to follow this summer when we may be entitled to a lot of action in the NHL. And I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one looking forward to it.


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