Texas: end sex education

The Texas Republican Party adopted its new program Saturday at a convention that emphasized its conservatism. Specifically, this new program calls for the prohibition of “the teaching, depiction, and/or discussion of sexual subjects (mechanics, feelings, orientation, or gender identity issues)” and the removal of books or materials related to these school subjects. He also advocates treating homosexuality in the classroom as “an abnormal life choice”.

On the other hand, the Republican Party wants to force students to learn about “the humanity of the unborn child,” specifically by learning that life begins with fertilization and by requiring them to have live ultrasounds of unborn fetuses Listen. the Texas Grandstand lists other proposals in the program that would push the Lone Star State and the rest of the United States further to the right:

— Amending the Texas Constitution to remove the power of the state legislature to “regulate the carrying of guns for the purpose of crime prevention”;

– Repealed the 16th Amendment of 1913 which created the federal income tax;

– Abolish the Federal Reserve, the country’s central bank, and guarantee the right to use alternatives to cash, including cryptocurrencies;

– Ensuring “freedom to travel” by opposing Joe Biden’s clean energy plan and “California-style anti-motorist policies,” including efforts to convert lanes to lanes for pedestrians, bikes and public transit only.

The Texas Republican Party’s new platform also includes a statement that President Biden “was not legitimately elected.” And he advocates a vote that “allows the people of Texas to decide whether or not the state of Texas should reaffirm its status as an independent nation.”

Long live free Texas?

PS: Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, who was involved in recent Senate negotiations on a bipartisan arms deal, was heartily booed by thousands of delegates from the Texas Republican Party Congress. However, the senators still have to agree on legislation to make this agreement a reality, as can be read here.

. (Photo Texas Tribune)

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