Sun and heat wave: mistrust and prevention

Saint Yrieix la Perche. Sun and heat protection from La Marguerite at the fair. During the first fair in June, the association center for the chronically ill and their carers was La Marguerite Nouvelle-Aquitaine in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche. The chosen theme for the month was ‘The sun and the rules when it’s hot’.

Good advice. In the morning, Hubert Hortholary, Vice-President of La Marguerite, President of Asolim and member of VAL, Marie-Hélène Pradeau, User Representative of the Arédien Hospital Center and member of Asolim, and Isabelle Berland, Nurse of La Marguerite, discussed the topic with the people who stopped at their booth and handed them flyers summarizing the dangers of the sun and the heat wave and giving tips on how to protect themselves.

Good and bad…. “The sun is good for morale and stimulates vitamin D synthesis, but it can also be harmful to health. In addition to sunburn, it can cause allergies, premature aging, and sometimes even certain types of cancer. Better stay home if possible from 11am to 3pm or 4pm depending on where you are. Otherwise, you must protect your skin with sunscreen adapted to the UV index of the day, or wear light but adequately covering clothing, protect your eyes with sunglasses, and protect your head with a hat or similar. It is necessary to hydrate regularly with water and especially without alcohol, even if you are not thirsty. Elderly people and/or those receiving medical treatment and pregnant women must protect themselves at all costs,” says Isabelle Berland.

“Parents should also remember to protect their children. All of this is very important. However, despite the sunshine, we saw many people and children unprotected at the fair today,” adds Hubert Hortholary.

See you in September. In July and August, La Marguerite will not be present at the Saint-Yrieix fair, but she will be back from the first fair in September, with new themes and always the possibility of measuring your blood pressure and testing people with diabetes.

Work out. La Marguerite Nouvelle-Aquitaine, 29, rue Gustave-Nadaud, in Limoges, at or; to find out more about the association, its mission and its actions:; to find out more about what to do in the event of a heat wave: (from 9am to 7pm, free call from landlines) or

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