Steam games will soon be playable on augmented reality glasses

news hardware Steam games will soon be playable on augmented reality glasses

The Steam on Nebula application will soon allow owners of Nreal augmented reality glasses to play certain PC games in a new environment.

Since August 2020 and May 2022 respectively, Nreal Light and Nreal Air augmented reality glasses have been available in some countries, enabling devices developed by the Chinese company Nreal Enjoy an everyday AR experience. To do this, they let their wearer diffuse in front of them the equivalent of a giant screen measuring up to 200 incheseverything virtual.

In particular, this makes it possible to enjoy films and series in augmented reality via a 5G connection. To operate and access the Internet, it is necessary to connect the device to a smartphone via USB. Very soon, the experience offered by Nreal’s goggles will take a new twist, as it will allow access to certain Steam games via an application is completed.

Play Steam games in augmented reality? It is possible

The Vapor on Nebula Beta will arrive on the Nreal website by the end of the month. This application creates a connection between the famous video game platform and the 3D Nebula application that Nreal Light and Nreal Air are equipped with. The company has not yet given all the details that will allow the two solutions to interact with each other, but the promise that is made is that of a virtual screen several meters wide Play augmented reality video games.

However, the list of compatible games is likely to be limited, at least initially. Games from the Halo series, as well as the car racing title Dirt Rally, will be among the first to be available via Steam on Nebula.

A rendering of the Nebula interface in augmented reality

Steam games will soon be playable on augmented reality glasses

It should also be noted that owners of Nreal AR glasses can already access games available via Xbox cloud gaming. This new proposal aims to expand the possibilities of these devices.

Nreal, soon in France?

If this proposal gives an idea of ​​the potential of augmented reality in the vast field of video gaming, it’s far from available to everyone. The Nreal Air goggles are currently only available in a handful of countries, including the UK, Japan, China and South Korea, and the Nreal Light is currently only available in the US and currently costs $599.

We don’t yet know when they will be available in in order to play your Steam games, you’ll probably have to settle for your trusty old monitor or your Steam deck for a while longer.

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