Shane Wright thinks he should be picked first

Shane Wright, Cutter Gauthier, Matthew Savoie and Connor Geekie, four of the top prospects for the upcoming draft, have a chance to take part in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight. It is also an opportunity for these young people to speak to the media. As always when standing in front of a microphone, Wright did not disappoint.

Once again, the center seemed very confident in his abilities. Despite all the speculation and growing interest in Juraj Slafkovsky and Logan Cooley, the right-hander still believes he will be the Canadian’s pick:

Everything is now in the hands of the Canadian. Of course, I want to be the first player picked in the next draft because I think the skills justify that tier of picks. But I would like to end up in New Jersey or Arizona

With good reason, Shane Wright is a very confident young man. He has been told since he was 15 that he will be the first overall winner in 2022. He has continued to do very well since then and remains the favorite to be named first at the Bell Center to this day.

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Some think he hasn’t dominated enough to be worthy of this selection and that others will become better players than him, but that’s a discussion for another time.

The Burlington, Ontario native also said his dinner with the Canadian staff went well.

However, the 6’0, 191-pound center knows the decision isn’t his. With 19 days to go before the draft, there’s a very good chance the Habs haven’t made their decision yet. It’s very rare that the favorite player who takes first place isn’t voted number one, but it’s true that Wright hasn’t done enough this year to challenge a debate.

It’s not like he had a season like Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews in their draft year. The debate is legitimate.

Matthew Savoie, who was named this year’s top 10 pick, agrees that Wright should come first:

I think he wants to be the first choice. We talk a lot about it, there is a lot of speculation.

Savoie has been fighting Wright for a long time. He therefore appreciates the Frontenacs player very much:

I’ve known Shane since I was 12 because we played each other in tournaments in the spring. He’s a very good player. He’s a complete center, he works hard and plays right. I don’t know Montreal’s intentions, but the Canadians will have the opportunity to bring in a very good player.

Will the predictions of both players come true? We won’t know for sure until July 7th. There are some clues that suggest they may be wrong, but we’ll see…

Remember that we must heed the good words of hope.


– We wish him a speedy recovery.

– Well deserved

– Not too surprising

– In short, the loss in the first game is anything but catastrophic.

– That says a lot about the two organizations…

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