M6 shakes up its programs, Stranger Things, electric car

This week’s content: M6 flips its afternoon schedule of how much it costs to replace an electric car’s battery, Stephen King would see the character of Yuri in Stranger Things having his own series, and the Volkswagen ID.3 struggling to become the locomotive that the manufacturer had hoped for.

M6 replaces the traditional afternoon TV movies

M6 turns a page in its programming history. In fact, since mid-June, you won’t be watching TV movies in the afternoons by tuning in to the channel. Instead, according to program director Christine Bouillet, documentaries will be “Tell stories that the French live”. Hobbies, original jobs, family activities… the themes will be varied. This new content will no doubt appeal more to viewers who weren’t always very happy with TV movies from a few decades ago…

How much does it cost to replace an electric car battery?

dcbel batteries for electric cars

Do you want to buy an electric car but have questions about the costs associated with the battery? In this complete dossier, we offer you as much information as possible on the subject – weighing up the pros and cons, for example, when buying a used electric car. In fact, the battery is one of the most expensive parts of an electric car. But there are also components that are designed for a very long service life. If you ever need to replace your electric car’s battery, there are also several options to consider.

What if Yuri (Stranger Things) had his own series? That’s what Stephen King suggests

Stranger Things Hawkins Car Los Angeles

It won’t surprise you that the famous science fiction author Stephen King is a fan of the Stranger Things series. The latter was obviously enjoying Season 4 until he tweeted claiming that Yuri, one of the new characters in this opus, deserves his own spin-off series. According to the author, a character “as sticky as it is raunchy,” Yuri is “a sort of Russian version of Barry.”

The ID.3 is not selling as well as Volkswagen had hoped

2020 Volkswagen ID3 on the road

The small electric compact ID.3 should be a hit for Volkswagen – but sales seem to be increasingly slowed down by competition and the consequences of the component crisis. Tesla Model 3, Fiat 500, Dacia Spring… the market is changing and vehicle registrations are collapsing. Demand is still there to some extent, but even the most motivated buyers face very long delays, causing supplies to slump.

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