Louis Morissette confides in his family

Start of the week, Louis Morrisette published a column on the website of Vero Magazine, talks about his kids aging at a fast rate! (Without wanting to play puns with his spouse!)

There he tackles this new chapter of his life: “The chapter of surrender, of passing on. Feeling like a football quarterback putting the ball in the hands of the wearer and watching the game take shape by being a privileged witness to the situation unfolding before him.

Remember that Louis and Vero have three adult children : Justin, Delphine and Raffaelle.

He also underscores Justin’s attendance at one of his hockey games in his column:

April 2022. There are no players in our ice hockey league. I was asked if Justin would play with us. Justin accepts and here he is playing me in a garage league. As I sat on the bench, I was overcome with emotion as I watched the guys I’ve played hockey with for fifteen years having fun with my son. To see him stand on the edge of the gang during a stoppage in play, lean in with confidence and hand me the puck and say to me, “Damn! A gift! I like that, making my fans happy!” under the amused looks of the other old people and their comments: “Cr… he’ll drool like you!”

Recall that Justin recently did a comedy number during the show of Rachid Baduri.

He also highlights Delphine’s participation as a columnist for Good evening :

May 2022. Sitting in my living room dying of stress watching the chronicle of Delphine Good evening! Mixture of pride and fear. Fear of pressure, hate comments, too much knowledge of an environment that can be unforgiving. But Delphine is only 19 years old. Youth and her carelessness do not paralyze her, as if she were 48 years old! I have the impression of witnessing the hatching of a young woman whom I know inside and out. With his fragility that makes him so lovable. And her amazing confidence, for example when she finds an agent and makes deals without even consulting us. Mixture of pride and “are you crazy, you?”. Like in 1995 in Drummondville when I told my parents I was enrolling in the National School of Humor (ENH)…

He ends his column on a dreamy note:

Gone are the days when I gave orders. Done, the “go to your room”. The tone and attitude are very different. My children now need support, a resource to write their own chapter. Transmission leads without dictating. Sometimes you watch them step onto the field, because that’s part of the learning process. It shows humility and accepts being part of the show but behind the scenes. And that’s love. Strong. Unconditionally. That’s the part that worries me the least.

We are very happy to see the children of the Morissette couple flourish show business Québécois, follow in their parents’ footsteps!

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