LG 55C1: the last stocks of the 4K OLED TV reference at a crazy price with this promotion

news good deal LG 55C1: the last stocks of the 4K OLED TV reference at a crazy price with this promotion

The price of the LG 55 C1, the reference model for 4K OLED TVs, is currently falling at many retailers. The latter remains perfect, an Xbox Series X or a PS5 and is available at Rakuten at an attractive price.

Though long considered the best high-end TV out there, the LG C1 has given way to its sister, the C2.

Thanks to this, however, we see a big drop in the price of the C1, which therefore becomes really affordable. Today, for example, you can find it at Rakuten for €944, while it is usually offered around €1200.

Buy the LG 55 C1 for €944 from Rakuten

In our opinion, it is therefore the ideal time to get your hands on the C1, a TV with OLED technology and many other advantages.

The LG 55 C1 4K OLED TV, still one of the best 4K TVs out there

The C1 has an excellent 55-inch OLED screen that achieves infinite contrast and good picture depth.

Even if the latest model from the LG brand surpasses its predecessor on this point, the C1 still has an extremely efficient AI that prevents possible risks of screen “burn-in” and also allows its home operating system to run.

That is webOScontrolled by the MagicRemote, a “Wii controller” style remote control that allows you to easily control the different menus, modes and above all your applications such as Twitch, Youtube, Netflix and many others.

The big highlight of the C1 is of course its OLED panel, but above all its 120Hz refresh ratewhich is coupled to its ports HDMI 2.1 and eARCallows you to play in it super comfortably 4K120 FPS for your PS5 and Xbox Series X games.

Anyway, the LG 55 C1 remains an excellent high-end 4K TV with OLED technology. With the arrival of his sister, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of promotions and Unearth the C1 at a bargain price of €944 from Rakuten with the code “RAKUTEN15”..

Buy the LG 55 C1 for €944 from Rakuten

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