HTC marks its return with a smartphone that’s ready for the Metaverse

news hardware HTC marks its return with a smartphone that’s ready for the Metaverse

The brand, known for its pivotal role in virtual reality, particularly through its VR Vive headsets, has decided to push the launch of the metaverse a little further. For its return, HTC has focused on the virtual world, announcing the arrival of a new Android smartphone calibrated for the Metaverse.

The return in smartphones for HTC

A return to the roots for HTC, since in recent years the company has been noticed more in the virtual reality ecosystem than in that of mobile phones.

The Taiwanese company hasn’t released a smartphone since the HTC Desire 21 in early 2021.

In fact, the three-letter brand has partially abandoned the global smartphone market since selling a significant portion of its phone manufacturing business to Google in 2018.

But on Thursday, June 9th, HTC announced its return to the world of high-end smartphones with a Twitter post.

A return to the tunes of the Metaverse…

The post forwarded by HTC suggests that the main marketing argument of this smartphone is that it is calibrated for the Metaverse.

The brand posted an invitation on Twitter with a poster featuring a smartphone silhouette accompanied by the “Viverse” logo, the HTC metaverse.

To find out more, we’ll have to wait until June 28, when the brand intends to unveil the phone to the public during a virtual event titled Log in to the Future.

Still, we have some clues about the brand’s future phone. In fact, during Mobile World Congress 2022, HTC announced that it plans to release a new high-end smartphone with features dedicated to the Metaverse. We don’t always know how VR will be integrated as the brand still doesn’t offer a headset for phones.

HTC isn’t using Web3 for the first time since the smartphone maker released a high-end cryptocurrency-centric smartphone in December 2018. The Exodus, a modified version of the HTC U12+, featured a native crypto wallet.

The goal of the new virtual reality-based phone will therefore be to bring together the perfect components to ensure the realism of the “Viverse”.

Since the first quarter of 2022, HTC has been pushing hard to compete with Facebook’s META and its VR headset subsidiary Oculus.

To that end, the company created “Viverse,” an entity that brings together multiple metaverses to interact with other people in various themed environments through an HTC VR headset.

A continuity for HTC, which is a pioneer in virtual reality. By developing its own metaverse, the company will now be able to offer its virtual world standards directly on these Vive headsets and perhaps on its smartphones in the future.

However, those who are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the mobile metaverse should be aware that there is no guarantee that the “viverse” smartphone will sell internationally, as the brand regularly reserves releases for its country of origin.

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