How can the risk of Alzheimer’s be reduced? –

American researchers suggest eating certain foods to prevent and slow down the development of Alzheimer’s disease. The details !

One case every three minutes in France

According to the Foundation for Medical Research, the France numbered around 900,000 people affected by the Alzheimer’s disease in 2015. In France, there would be a new case every three minutes, or about 225,000 new diagnoses per year. At this stage, there is still no treatment that can cure this disease.

However, American researchers from the Fatty Acid Research Institute (FARI) have mentioned several recommendations to avoid or slow down their development. One of these would be added Omega 3 to his diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids, what is it?

That Omega-3 form a family of essential fatty acids necessary for the development and proper functioning of the human body. However, they are only provided through food. The body cannot produce them itself.

But to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, the body needs a Omega 3 called docosahexaenoic acid or DHA. It is especially important for mental and visual functions. For seven years, researchers at the Fatty Acid Research Institute looked at data from 1,490 people without dementia and over the age of 65. They also analyzed the association of DHA with red blood cells and their development Alzheimer’s disease.

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Risks reduced by 49%

According to the scientists, participants with high DHA blood levels (6.1%) had a 49% lower risk of developing the disease. Alzheimer’s disease than those with the least DHA (3.8%). In addition, they state that people with high levels of DHA could live 4.7 more years without the disease.

However, the study shows that high consumption ofOmega 3 DHA would reduce the risk of developing a severe form of Alzheimer’s disease in individuals carrying the 4 allele of the APOE gene.

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In which foods is omega-3 DHA found?

The National Food Safety Agency (ANSES) has listed the ten richest foods Omega 3 DHA. It is :

  • salmon oil
  • cod liver oil
  • sardine oil
  • Cod liver, raw
  • herring oil
  • Cod liver, canned, drained
  • Mackerel, smoked
  • Sardines, tomato sauce, canned, drained
  • Mackerel, grilled fillet, canned, natural, drained
  • Trout roe, semi-preserved

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