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The reunion of the cult trio inaugurated the first full-on Francos since 2019 on June 9th at Club Soda. According to Lary Ajust (LLA), it was also responsible for closing the circle on Saturday evening and the last big free concert of this 33e scheduled appointment.

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Charles Eric Blais Poulin

Charles Eric Blais Poulin
The press

“It will be a rage festival, not a tea room,” the formation had warned on Instagram. Bring all your crazy friends. We want to see you do some crazy shit. »

The list and order of songs bludgeoned onto the main stage – poor eardrums – were more or less a copy-paste of the opening concert, this one paid for and sold out: it was mostly a matter of thanks Gullywoodreleased a decade ago.

Photo Philippe Boivin, THE PRESS

The crowd of LLA fans gathered in front of the Bell Stage

On the main stage, the anniversary title was highlighted by nine giant white letters – a nod to a specific sign on Mount Lee – separating the rap duo and its rhythm designer Ajust, who was erased in the highs.

On one side Laurent Fortier-Brassard, aka Lary Kidd, in butt: white Nike headband, denim jacket and pants that drop down the middle of the underpants. On the other, Simon Cliche Trudeau aka Loud as an athlete warming up: blue sweatpants, gray hoodie and red Canadian cap.

In the ring, the exchange was full-bodied. The first ? Aggressive, imposing. The second ? strategist, trickster. A duel and a duet, with the audience as the third pugilist.

Almost all titles from Gullywoodpoisonous fire, went through the loudspeakers. Outremont, which opens the album, consequently opened the evening. “Four figures in the audience / The world is packed like sardines / There are no seats at night / It’s magical in the crowd. “Four spots? More like “five” that disperse gently into rue Sainte-Catherine.

Photo Philippe Boivin, THE PRESS


magic ? Dozens of sparkling searchlights burst into flames as the very Nietzschean Lary Kidd published the sharp stanzas of Candlewood suits, written in nihilistic blood. “God died of a Seroquel overdose, baby/In an American Apparel dress, baby/If I OD tonight, at least I was dressed.”

Call to “go crazy”

To the groats, the Kidd urged the crowd to “go nuts.” As is so often the case – perhaps with the exception of Swiss game nights – the audience’s “crazy turn” was proportional to how close they were to the action. That applied to the swelling of the cymbals, but also to the excitement of joining the leitmotifs celebrated by the fans. “Only one night ONO! »

The trap of snow crabscaught up Oh dear God (2013) as well No damn way and the title track of the EP caused new turbulence.



The passage of the LLA, dissolved in peace in 2016, allowed not only to see and hear a late cult group, but also to measure the progress of two rappers who stand out solo. Archive images shown during the concert reinforced this impression of the route covered.

It was the festival of Gullywoodbut his successor BlueVolvo (2014), is not yet shelved. Even better, a real blue Volvo appeared behind the MCs afterwards Nothing works anymore, who had already raised a mass of weapons in the air. “I walked towards the sound, blinded by the lights / Searched my whole damn life for the same song. » hold my drinka club song par excellence, amplified the wave.

But the real tsunami came while rappelling XOXO. “You know the way of life/We’re chasing money screaming/Baby it’s all real. »

Sweet revenge for this end of Francos for a disc shunned by the ADISQ in 2015 for its too much concentration on Franglais.

Since the 33rdare Francos were dedicated to the choice of Karim Ouelletautumn – Collaboration with the late 37-year-old singer – as Schwanengesang was obvious. At Loud and Lary’s request, thousands of amateur cameramen captured the scene.

“If I ever get out of this one day / I should have put on a fox mask / Draw the curtains and say good evening. »

LLA will no doubt appreciate those last words…

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