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In the last few days, tongues have been loosening and many members of the establishment and powerful entities are beginning to initiate elements of language almost officially acknowledging the start of a new global financial crisis.

In fact, figures from major transnational banks and financial institutions dare to speak words that the general public has not been used to hearing since 2008.

And even if the subprime crisis never really ended (particularly with the principles of Too Big Too Fail and generalized Watheever It Takes) and ushered in the collapse of Western economies, it looks like our transnational “elites” will be official in a matter of weeks add the financial crisis to the other “evils” we are currently experiencing (pandemic, war, etc.).

This economic meltdown (or even this financial catastrophe) obviously started a few months ago, but it seems that the media serves us in the chapter of the Grand Narrative for the population to accept the Great Reset and ultimately the New World Order.

Coupled with the climate crisis, the risk of a pandemic, and the narrative of war, it’s likely that the masses will embrace this collapse just as they did in 2008, with a sort of resignation in the face of death worthy of cancer patients in palliative care.

The famous virus-like “bad luck” could “explain” and justify the total collapse that awaits us.

The Fears of the “Big Banks”

For a few weeks now and at the beginning of spring, we have been seeing the markets slow down sharply with several consecutive crashes, particularly on the part of American companies.

So, starting with the promoters of the 2008 crisis, the biggest companies on Wall Street agree on one thing:

Risks of crisis/prolonged collapse/recession/depression are at their highest in a decade.

A disaster is preparing, especially for the former head of Goldman Sachs, Loyd Blankfein:

The banker, who says he is doing “God’s work”, explained on CBS’s Face the Nation program “that a recession is a very, very high risk factor” (…) “There is a way. It’s a narrow path” (…) “But I think the Fed has very powerful instruments. They’re difficult to fine-tune and difficult to see the effects fast enough to change them, but I think they respond well. It’s definitely a risk. »

To agree with the “firm’s senior chairman,” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell also acknowledged that raising interest rates “will bring some pain,” but also added “that a lot worse Result would be if prices continued to rise. »

Let’s remember the anecdote that Powell, or even Janet Yellen and Christine Lagarde, told us a year ago that inflation is transient…

The head of another “big bank,” JP Morgan and Chase, Jamie Dimon, made an equally surprising statement a few days ago, declaring that he was preparing his institution for the coming “hurricane,” and advising all investors to do the same do. “It’s pretty sunny at the moment, things are going well. Everyone believes that the Fed can handle the situation. But this hurricane is right there, down the road, coming our way. We just don’t know if it’s a minor hurricane or Sandy.

We have never seen quantitative tightening [resserrement monétaire] On such a scale, we are dealing with something that could be in the history books for 50 years,” continued Jamie Dimon. For him, some aspects of quantitative easing “backfired” on the Federal Reserve, including negative interest rates, which he called a “big mistake.”

This observation seems odd when we consider that Goldman Sachs or even JP Morgan are part of the consortium of large private banks that control the American Federal Reserve… So to speak of mistakes when negative interest rates are quite nice is cheeky for those who have been using and organizing this system for at least more than a decade…

As has already been explained for several months, the US Federal Reserve has no choice but to try to withdraw the excess liquidity (it has created) in order to stop speculation and allow real estate prices to land (debt/consequence of monetary creation) and thereby curbing inflation.

In reality, the Fed is proceeding with a monetary contraction that will end up causing a colossal recession, as has happened several times since its inception in 1913… And of course the Fed, which is organizing the dismantling of the world economy through its alchemical monetary policy , and then explains to us that she had no choice but to put out the fire she started herself…

Former VISA CEO and current Wells Fargo CEO Charles Scharf also issued a “strong winds” report, describing this trend: “The soft landing scenario is … extremely difficult in the environment in which we find ourselves today to hold, ”hinted the head of the fourth American bank. While the economy has remained resilient, “the question is how long will this last” as the Fed hikes rates to put out the “fire” caused by inflation. “We expect consumers and ultimately companies to weaken, which is part of the Fed’s objectives but hopefully constructive,” predicted Charles Scharf.

But there’s something more troubling than the analysis of Wall Street’s “big bosses.” In fact, the world’s oldest modern central bank, the Bank of England, has told certain major UK banks that in the event of a major crisis, they would no longer be “protected” by the “too big” rule”.

The global economic crisis 2.0 is already here

In addition, the Bank of England said on Friday it was confident “that the UK’s main banks could be closed without jeopardizing the stability of the financial system or disrupting customers, but it found shortcomings at three major lenders. »

Those three “failing” institutions were the famous Lloyds, Standard Chartered and the big HSBC. After this official statement from the institute based in Threadneedle Street, the three banks immediately made it clear in separate press releases that they were working on improving their so-called resolution plans.

With this communication, the Bank of England wants to show that it is preventing banks from becoming too big to fail and possibly forcing taxpayers to bail them out, as happened during the global financial crisis of 2007/08.

But in reality, all of this is controlled communication (Grand Récit) aimed at gently preparing people for the return of a major financial crisis.

Likewise for Ms. Georgieva’s International Monetary Fund, which will lower its global growth forecasts for 2022.

On May 24, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the director of the IMF even clearly pointed out that “the climate around the world economy has clouded over…”

The IMF justified its new global growth forecasts with the fact that “the war in Ukraine continues. And the slowdown in the Chinese economy appears to be more severe than expected.”

China, that paper tiger that must destroy the dollar’s hegemony, is indeed hitting it, particularly because of its strange and hysterical “zero Covid” policy and gigantic speculative bubbles, particularly in its real estate market (see Evergrande).

Similarly, Washington’s other major financial institution, the World Bank, has previously announced that it now expects global gross domestic product to grow by 2.9%, up from 4.1% estimated in January.

In a report, the institution led by Joaquim Lévy even predicts that for this year 2022 the world economy will find itself between stagflation (which is already the case) or recession… A cheerful program announced for the second half of the year…

For its part, the European Central Bank seems concerned about the risk of a new debt crisis in the euro zone.

Remember, at the very beginning of the Covid crisis, in March 2020, Christine Lagarde, a few months President of the European Central Bank, had made a “mistake” when she implied it, given a dangerous interest rate gap in borrowing from Germany (that is the reference) and Italy: “We are not here to tighten ‘spreads'”. But it is this difference between two interest rates that is weighing on the country’s ability to pay. In the months that followed, the ECB ultimately consistently and largely proved the opposite. Since the Covid crisis, it has done everything to keep the Italian interest rate at its lowest point by buying 723 billion euros of Italian debt at the end of April 2022… Which, moreover, allows Prime Minister Mario Draghi to do even more to liquidate the Italian people…

What we can say at the end of Spring 2022 is that the crashes that have rocked Wall Street for several weeks are continuing. So they will not go away, they will even get worse.

And we see it through all these explanations, the summer that hasn’t started yet is probably going to be “hot” and we’re not even talking about the start of the school year and fall…

Now let us realize that what the almighty central banks, and through them the globalized hyperclass, are preparing for us is not yet another decade-long crisis of capitalism. No, what is being prepared right now is THE crisis: the famous financial catastrophe that certain Cassandres have been predicting for us for years. And let’s be clear, the Great Reset cannot fully materialize without a Global Great Depression 2.0…

As summer begins, the happiest among us might be thinking about vacations. But it could well be that summer trips to the sea for 99% of the population will be the last for several years…

On June 13, Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad and marketing genius, issued an unequivocal warning on his Twitter account to explain the :

“Inflation is about to take off. The best investments are cans of tuna and cans of baked beans. You can’t eat gold, silver or bitcoin. You can eat canned tuna and baked beans. Food is the most important thing. Hunger will be the next problem. Invest in the solution. Take care. »

What we definitely have in store for us over the next few weeks is a crash in real estate, a steady crash in stock markets (not just tech companies), a liquidity crunch and then a solvency crunch, sovereigns and corporates, all coupled with a spectacular rise in… Prices of raw materials and finished products. So it is clear that if we are at least prepared, perhaps we can have a small head start to face the disaster that is preparing…

Source: Deep Geopolitics

sent by Sandrine Virot

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