Data theft at Desjardins: 5 things you should know to make your claim

Desjardins’ $200 million personal information leak class action settlement, disclosed in June 2019, was approved by the Superior Court of Quebec.

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Here’s what you need to know to make your claim and get your share of that amount.

1. Nothing to do (yet).

Individuals affected by the loss of personal information from the financial institution do not need to contact Desjardins to file their complaint.

“From July 21st to October 21st, Desjardins members and customers will receive a unique authentication code in their Accès D internet mailbox to validate their claim,” explains Jean-Benoît Turcotti, Word of the Desjardins Group.

Those who do not have Access D will receive a letter and notices will be published in the newspapers.

2. Two types of complaints

Members and customers affected by the data leak can make two types of claims, one for loss of time and a second for identity theft.

Each type of claim is associated with a different amount of compensation.

“The first for lost time can be as high as $90 and the second for those who have suffered identity theft can be as high as $1,000,” says Mr. Turcotti.

3. Forms to be Completed and Documents to be Submitted

Once the unique authentication code is received, members have six months to submit their application on

They must fill out a form and indicate the type of complaint they wish to make.

Persons making a claim of identity theft must provide documentation to prove that they have actually been the victim of identity theft.

4. When will you receive the amount?

Those filing a lost time claim should receive their claim in early to mid-2023.

For those who make an identity theft claim, payments will be made once a year for three years.

The Desjardins Group spokesman recommends consulting the comparison website for the exact payment terms.

5. Too late to do anything yourself

Members affected by the data leak will automatically be included in the agreement unless they cancel in time.

“There was a deadline for withdrawing from the collective agreement in April last year, so now the people concerned who have not left will be included in the collective agreement,” says Jean-Benoît Turcotti.

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