Change modern warfare 2 snipers, players demand it

Sniper rifles have been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise for years. But the players have announced the changes they would like to see in this type of weapon in Modern Warfare 2.

Shooting with snipers in Call of Duty isn’t the easiest playstyle, but once you get the hang of it they can often completely dominate the game. Over the years we’ve had some iconic snipers, including the Intervention and the M40A3, which players enjoy used.

However, instead of focusing on specific weapons, players reveal what changes they would like to see to the sniper mechanics in Modern Warfare 2 to make the experience more enjoyable.

Modern Warfare 2’s October 28th release date is fast approaching. Discussion is growing about the changes players would like to see in the next iteration of the Call of Duty franchise.

The latest on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit concerns a discussion of new mechanics for snipers in the game. Players gave their thoughts on what developers need to do to create a balanced weapon pool for snipers.

Changing the sniper mechanics for Modern Warfare 2?

First of all, one of the biggest bones of contention in the community seems to revolve around the speed of ADS. One player explains that Modern Warfare’s SPR is an example of what developers should avoid: “I won’t have to see people walking around with a sawed-off SPR for the next two years, which aims faster than an SMG and can fire in one shot through the upper body, no thanks!”.

While quickscoping is a useful playstyle for those who have mastered the technique, most players in the comments agreed that SPR took things too far. This sparked further discussion among players, who debated dividing these weapon types into two categories.


Snipers are weapons highly valued by Warzone players.

Modern Warfare had a sniper rifle category and a sniper rifle category. Some players believe this was a good thing as these weapons were divided based on their purpose. For example, snipers are meant for long-range use and deal more damage, while rifles are meant for a more aggressive mid-range playstyle.

Others believe that having two categories would create another sniper imbalance in Modern Warfare 2, as sniper rifle superiority would make sniper rifles obsolete.

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