Bracelet with magnets: a health tool?

In recent years, bracelets with magnets, also called magnetic bracelets, have appeared. They are becoming increasingly popular in France and many other countries in Europe. These bracelets are appreciated not only for their aesthetic side, but also for their various benefits. However, there are many who doubt the effectiveness of these bracelets on health. Here’s what you need to know about it!

What is a magnetic bracelet?

To understand what a magnetic bracelet is, it is first important to define what magnetotherapy is. Magnetic therapy is one Alternative medicine based on the use of magnets for therapeutic purposes. It consists in using the magnetic field generated by the magnets to relieve pain.

Magnetic bracelets are therefore tools that derive from magnetic therapy. These are bracelets composed of strong magnets. They have been around for a very long time and have become popular in recent years due to their aesthetic looks.

Today there is a wide range of bracelets with magnets that differ in shape, color, etc.


Magnetic bracelet – source: spm

What are the advantages of bracelets with magnets?

Magnetic bracelets are made of 3000 gauss magnets. Invented by Dr. Frank Hesser, the 3000 gauss magnet has the power to relieve pain in its full intensity. They emit a powerful magnetic field, which allows the body’s natural painkillers to work better.

The 3000 gauss magnet has been tested several times and The results of these tests showed that it has many advantages for people with various problems such as chronic pain, migraines…

They are particularly effective in relieving arthritis, osteoarthritis, and joint pain. Magnetic bracelets stabilize the mood and are very helpful in coping with stress. They are constantly working on it bring relaxation and a certain sense of well-being natural everyday life.

Thus, a person suffering from joint pain in any part of the body can find relief by wearing this bracelet on their wrist. Magnetic jewelry helps restore positive energy, improve mobility and maintain health. Magnetic bracelets are very useful for menopausal women. Rather, they strengthen the inner balance and ensure general well-being.

These bracelets are also very useful for athletes, regardless of gender. They are extremely beneficial after intense exertion thanks to their relaxing and balancing properties that limit spasms and contractures. Magnetic bracelets promote the oxygen supply to the body cells and improving physical skills.

These bracelets also naturally improve sleep and allow for renewal of vital energy throughout the night. To this we must add that they are known to promote weight loss. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to suddenly lose 20 kg. Above all, they allow Supporting a weight loss dietand this by facilitating the excretion of waste by the body.

The magnet contained in the bracelet generates magnetic fields. These magnetic fields amplify the electrical polarization of the cell membranes, thus stimulating their function. The magnetism of magnetic bracelets also affects blood circulation. He makes one increased cellular oxygenationwhich helps to relax the muscles and brings a feeling of well-being.

When magnets are placed on acupuncture points, they also encourage the release of endorphins. These hormones help reduce stress and fight against malaise and depression. The stimulation of acupuncture points by the magnetic bracelet is also a challenge the ability to activate immunity.

Are magnetic bracelets dangerous to health?

Magnetic bracelets are absolutely harmless to health. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared in 1987 that magnetic field therapy is harmless to health. However, it should be made clear that it There are some contraindications. Because these bracelets contain magnets, they are not recommended for people who wear electronic devices such as a pacemaker.

The effect of magnetic bracelets has never been tested on pregnant women. It is therefore recommended to avoid them in case of pregnancy. Magnetic bracelets are pretty compatible with people who wear bracesScrews or even prostheses.


Magnetic bracelet – source: spm

Magnetic bracelets may vary depending on the material.

The copper

Copper is a material whose Ancestral virtues are recognized For a long time. In combination with magnets, copper facilitates the diffusion of trace elements in the body. Magnetic copper bracelets are suitable for people suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis.


Magnetic steel bracelets are recommended for athletes. They are both elegant and very resistant. Besides, they are perfect ally for all athletes who want to increase their physical abilities, relieve tension and relieve tired muscles.


There are also magnetic ceramic bracelets on the market. They are chic and elegant and are much better suited to women. However, they are quite fragile. It is recommended to treat them with care and remove them during physical activity or when performing manual work.


These bracelets are suitable for both men and women. They are light and durable Consisting of bio elements and neodymium magnets. They increase well-being throughout the day.

Magnetic bracelets are valued not only for their health benefits, since the aesthetic criterion can be taken into account when choosing.

Are magnetic bracelets really a health tool?

Of Many tests and studies have been conducted on magnetic bracelets. A study conducted in the UK in December 2004 found that magnetic bracelets provide effective pain relief for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip. These bracelets therefore have a positive effect on the body and can therefore be considered real health tools.

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