Blitz: Steven Stamkos regrets his club’s ‘unacceptable’ performance on Saturday

After their biggest setback of the year at a very bad time, the Tampa Bay Lightning players and coaches made no attempt to escape on Saturday.

Beaten 7-0 by the Colorado Avalanche in the second game of the Stanley Cup finals, the Lightning are in a precarious position.

Lightning 0 – Avalanche 7

This was also the case in the conference final against the New York Rangers, when the two-time defending champion returned home 2-0 down.

This time it’s a more tormented Lightning who will desperately search for solutions before the train has passed and it’s too late.

“You all saw what happened tonight. That was unacceptable from our side, especially at this level of competition and at this time of year,” summarized captain Steven Stamkos, who is otherwise rarely carried away by emotions.

“A revival has to happen, we have no choice. you have to be better I have complete confidence in this group. (…) People will probably have seen this game and think the series is over. But our group is very, very resilient,” added the Tampa number 91.

I’m not used to being dominated like this

If he found a way to show philosophy after the Lightning’s first loss, suffered in overtime on Wednesday, Jon Cooper managed to keep his calm despite the scale of the mess.

“Is it crap to lose a game like that? Yes, and we are not used to that. But sometimes it can happen. We prefer that it doesn’t happen in the Stanley Cup final, but we have to be able to turn the page,” stressed the head coach.

“I have no questions about the ability of our team,” he added. There are competitors in this dressing room and that is important to me. »

Cooper reiterated that the Avalanche’s level of play shouldn’t be lost sight of in this story.

“They are playing at an absolute elite level right now. Let’s give them their share. This is not the case with us. It’s obvious when you watch us on the ice tonight. »

The Tampa coach was asked about his decision to let star goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy in the game after 40 minutes despite Colorado already leading 5-0.

“Even if I had told him I wanted to take him out of the game, I don’t think he would have agreed. That’s the kind of athlete he is. He’s the best goalkeeper in the world and he’s our man. »

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